Matilda’s death in The Club season 2 explained

In The Club season 2, Matilda’s death leaves a heavy impact on the staff of Club Istanbul, especially on Raşel, who almost comes close to killing herself.

In the ninth episode of The Club season 2, after escaping from Kürşat, Keriman returns to the club, where Raşel confronts her for sleeping with İsmet.

Though Keriman betrayed her trust, Raşel still cares for her and can’t see her on the run her whole life. She promises that they will get the best lawyers if Keriman just admits her crime.

Matilda shows up after hearing them argue and doesn’t let anyone leave until she knows the whole story. Matilda learns that Keriman planted drugs in Selim’s room and also killed him.

Keriman brings out a gun

Since Raşel kept quiet, Matilda plans to hand both Keriman and Raşel to the cops. Keriman takes out the gun she has. She reminds Raşel that her mother intends to hand her over to the cops too.

Matilda's death in The Club season 2 explained 1
Keriman holds Matilda and Raşel at gunpoint

She continues to point out how different Raşel and Matilda are. While Raşel is already nervous and in tears, Matilda is still standing tall, even at gunpoint. Keriman says Raşel is doomed to live under Matilda’s shadow, and now she is going to free Raşel.

Keriman proceeds to shoot Matilda down. Keriman is arrested, while Matilda is immediately taken to the hospital.

Matilda’s death changes Raşel

On their way to the hospital, Raşel apologizes to Matilda, while Çelebi makes sure to put on the ring he has and puts one on Matilda’s hand too to give her strength. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive at the hospital, Matilda passes away.

The staff of Club Istanbul recovers from the grief of Matilda’s death in different ways. It’s Raşel who is hit the hardest, as she realizes that she is alone again now that her mother is gone.

Raşel initially blames her daughter for the loneliness she suffers from and even hits her. She then comes close to taking her life. An apparition of a young Matilda stops her from doing so.

Young Matilda reminds Raşel that her daughter will suffer if she leaves now and also assures her that she will forgive Raşel, just like how Raşel forgave Matilda.

Raşel returns to the club while everyone is leaving after learning that Fikret owns the place now. She encourages the staff to stay and not let someone like Fikret win. She says that as long as they are here, Fikret will never have a place at the club’s table.

While Fikret leaves, the staff of Club Istanbul notices a leader in Raşel, who is stepping up to fill in the shoes of her mother.

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