Matias’s death in Good Morning, Veronica explained

Matias Cordeiro (Reynaldo Gianecchini) is a member of the mafia operating behind the Order of Faith and he groomed and abused several young women.

After being exposed for his crimes, Matias is put under house arrest but that doesn’t stop him from getting in touch with Duom and trying to see his daughter.

When he seeks out Angela during her date, she pepper sprays him in the eyes and calls for help, leading to his eventual arrest.

After Lila is kidnapped, Veronica visits Matias in prison and he agrees to give information on Lila if he gets a visit from his daughter.

While Angela is inside the prison, Veronica is taken away by the police and Jeronimo takes Angela and Carol back to his farm.

Pushing the limits

Diana tells Jeronimo that bringing Angela there wasn’t a good idea but he isn’t too bothered about the possible repercussions.

Veronica tells Giselle that Jeronimo has Angela, and she pushes Matias to try and get her back.

Angela is given free rein inside Jeronimo’s house, but when she goes searching for Carol and finds her in the stables, she is captured and placed in a stall.

Matias escapes prison and goes to Jeronimo’s ranch to find Angela. Diana agrees to help him find her but asks him for a favor first.

Matias's death in Good Morning, Veronica explained 1
Matias visits Diana and Jeronimo, although they aren’t thrilled about it

She wants to be fertile again so that she can have children with Jeronimo. He agrees to perform his ritual which involves getting intimate with her.

Jeronimo sees this and it drives a wedge between him and Matias. Matias goes out looking for Angela at night and finds her in the stables.

He confronts Jeronimo about her treatment but is told that it is not a big deal. To get under his skin, Matias reminds Jeronimo that they used to make love to each other when they were younger in the orphanage.

They begin kissing but Jeronimo bites off Matias’s tongue. He then steps away and returns on a horse with a whip in his hand.

He whips Matias to death and gets rid of the rage inside him that has been built up. He also takes care of the problem Matias raised by escaping.

His freedom put the auction at risk and buyers were choosing not to attend so Jeronimo had to do something.

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