Masters of the Universe: Revelation ending explained: Is He-Man dead?

A ‘spiritual sequel’ to 1983’s ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’, ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ follows the unravelling of secrets long-kept and the quest to save the Eternia’s magic.

During Teela’s knighting ceremony as the new Man-At-Arms, Skeleton attacks the Castle of Grayskull. He and Evil-Lyn reach the secret facility at the castle, where all of the world’s magic is stored as an orb.

He-Man and his team show up to thwart their plan once again, Teela fighting alongside. But this time around, Skeletor’s plan is successful and he shatters the orb to release the power.

He-Man absorbs the magic with his Sword of Power, dividing it into two and reverting him to his original form, shocking Teela. He-Man and Skeletor die in the resulting explosion.

Hurt by the secret kept from her, Teela abandons magic as well as the kingdom. But when the world is dying due to the lack of magic, she is forced back into action.

Her mission involves travelling with Andra and Evil-Lyn to use what little remains of the orb’s magic to reforge the Sword of Power as one. The two halves are in Subternia and Preternia.

Their journey sees them recruit Orko, Roboto and Beast Man. Together, all travel to Subternia (hell) and face several obstacles, finally getting one half of the sword of power, but Orko sacrifices himself to stop Skeletor’s shadow. The rest reach Preternia.

Will they reforge the Sword of Power? Will magic return to Eternia? Many questions are answered in the finale. If you missed any details, read on.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation ending explained in detail: (Episode 5: The Forge at The Forest of Forever)

Return of Prince Adam

Since Preternia is basically heaven, Prince Adam reached there after his death in the final battle with Skeletor. The team mourns Orko together and dedicates a tombstone to him.

Prince Adam has the other half of the sword and he offers it to them. He tells them that they were only able to reach Preternia as it shares one of its walls with subternia, and they’re now trapped. But he knows how they might return.

He takes Teela to meet King Grayskull himself, while the rest go to the legendary forge maker He-Ro for assistance in reforging the Sword of Power.

Prince Adam and Teela find Grayskull as well as the rest of the Champions like He-Man from history. Prince Adam is the only one who chose his ‘lesser self’ after death, and hence, he is the smallest among them.

King Grayskull reveals that he was the first to wield the sword, making him the original champion. The castle was named after him by the Elders. He also tells Teela that she and the rest can return through a gate in his tower in Preternia.

When Prince Adam asks if he has ever been to the world of living, he replies that it would not be natural since they’re dead. He adds that he is only truly living after death, why would he go back?

A tough decision

The rest of the team attempts to reforge the sword by making the tower a furnace and using the energy from the orb. Only Roboto can reforge it, since he was made by Duncan (the one who can reforge the sword) and has his memories.

Prince Adam asks Teela why she came, worried that the world still might not be saved after his actions. But she doesn’t tell him.

During a conversation with Moss Man (who was killed by Skeletor in the first episode), he reveals to Prince Adam that Subternia is only granted to those fortunate enough.

Normally, creatures become one with nature, but Prince Adam was given a reprieve for his services as He-Man and sent to Preternia. If he returns to Eternia, he won’t achieve Paradise so easily and would probably suffer the fate of ordinary mortals.

Back at the tower, Roboto is successful in reforging The Sword of Power, albeit at the cost of his life. On the brink of death, he tells Teela that he’s actually afraid to die, meaning he’s not just a robot, but a miracle.

As Teela and the rest are about to return to Eternia, Prince Adam makes the decision of returning and helping them, even if it means he won’t return to Preternia.

The twist in the tale

All return to the castle of Grayskull. Teela gives Prince Adam the Sword of Power and tells him that it is now a conduit again and he can call magic back to the world.

Adam belts out the iconic tune: “By the Power of Grayskull,” and the magic begins to return to Eternia, also giving back the sorceress her powers.

But as magic returns, the havoc staff in Evil-Lyn’s bag reacts and reforms. Before Prince Adam can finish saying “I have the power”, Skeletor resurrects and stabs him, seemingly killing him again (he ‘might be back’, according to Kevin Smith).

The Lord of Destruction reveals that his essence survived the final battle by seeking refuge in Evil-Lyn’s staff.

She quickly changes her allegiance again and joins Skeletor, who tells Andra that because of his skeletal face, nobody considered him a man, so he will be God now.

He calls on the power of Grayskull, becoming a He-Man-like figure and announcing himself as the Master of the Universe.

The story will continue in ‘Masters of The Universe: Revelation Part 2’.

Here are a few burning questions answered by creator Kevin Smith, himself.

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