Marta and Eneko’s breakup in Muted explained

In Muted, in order to track Noa down, Sergio connects with Marta, but their closeness hurts the relationship Marta has with her boyfriend, Eneko.

Marta used to teach piano to Noa. She always believed that Sergio is innocent and he didn’t kill his parents. She is one of Sergio’s admirers who used to send him letters inside prison.

Sergio only replied to her letters because Marta knew Noa, and she is the only one who could help him track her down once he is out. When Sergio gets out of prison, contacting Marta is one of the first things he does.

After realizing that Sergio trusts Marta, Ana plans to use her to get him to open up. Marta agrees to work with Ana, as she wants to help Sergio too, but the mission costs Marta her relationship with Eneko and her social life.

Marta and Eneko’s relationship

Eneko notices when Marta starts keeping things from him. He follows her and finds out that she has been meeting a killer. Though Marta is in love with Eneko and has plans to move in with him, she is also not sure about this relationship.

In the past, Eneko cheated on Marta with her friend. Sergio sees the doubt in Marta’s mind, and he kisses Marta right in front of Eneko once to give her some clarity.

Eneko doesn’t take this gesture warmly. He rounds up his friends at night and beats Sergio in front of his house while Marta is busy downloading videos from Noa’s phone upstairs for Ana.

Marta and Eneko's breakup in Muted explained 1
Eneko stops Marta from meeting Sergio

It’s Sergio who is put in jail after Eneko lies to the cops and media, claiming that Sergio attacked first. Sergio is let go when his tutor, Natanael Torroja, receives a video showing that Eneko started the fight. He forces Eneko to withdraw his statement.

Eneko’s measures to get Marta back continue in the most extreme ways possible. A piece of news starts circling among Marta’s friends and family, suggesting that she is dating Balcony Killer Sergio.

When Marta doesn’t listen to him, Eneko approaches her parents and asks them to convince Marta to forgive him and make her leave Sergio. Marta eventually talks to Eneko when the whole world is turned against her, including her parents.

Did Eneko leak Marta’s tape?

Marta stays friends with Eneko and pursues her relationship with Sergio until a sex tape of hers goes viral. Marta’s parents see that video, and her father confronts Sergio, who pushes him away and injures him. Eneko comes to their aid at times like these.

Marta starts thinking that Eneko is the person she should be with. Eneko gives her more reasons to prove that by showing her the flat they can move into. Even Marta’s parents agree that Eneko is going all out, which means he is very serious about her.

Things fall apart when Marta discovers her video of getting intimate with Eneko on Eneko’s phone. It’s the same video that went viral and made people think that Marta is making out with Sergio.

Do Marta and Eneko end up together?

Marta confronts Eneko with that video and abandons him to go to Sergio. She reaches Sergio’s home, where she also finds Ana with him. Marta confesses what Ana is up to, and Sergio gets furious.

Eneko arrives at Sergio’s place too. Marta clarifies to him that their relationship is over and turns to Sergio, who claims that he doesn’t care about Marta.

When Sergio takes Marta captive and threatens to kill her if Ana’s team doesn’t bring Noa to him, Eneko jumps and saves Marta. Sergio would have killed Eneko if Marta hadn’t come back to his rescue.

Marta and Eneko's breakup in Muted explained 2
Eneko tries to reconcile with Marta

Ana convinces Sergio not to kill Eneko and lose Noa again. Marta and Eneko are asked to leave. Outside, Eneko comforts Marta in the heavy rain by offering her his jacket. In turn, Marta comforts him too and thanks him.

Eneko admits that they both have made mistakes, but he still loves her. He asks whether they can start again. Marta then hands him his jacket back. As seen on the monitors of Ana’s team, she says something to him before leaving him and running away. Eneko breaks down in the corner, which suggests that Marta said no to him.

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