Mariluna’s backstory in Freeridge explained

In Freeridge, after confronting Mariluna at her own house, Gloria learns her story, the truth behind the curse, and why she pulled this prank on her friends.

Marisol’s sister, Mariluna, haunted Gloria and her friends, asking them to give her sister’s box back to her. Whether she really wanted it back or not continued to be a mystery, as she used to disappear right after asking for it.

Gloria finally caught Mariluna red-handed sneaking into her house. She followed her all the way to Mariluna’s residence. Upon being confronted, Mariluna finally spilled the beans on why she attempted these stunts.

Why did Mariluna part ways with Marisol?

Mariluna begins telling her story to Gloria. Mariluna and Marisol were identical twins who were inseparable. They both used to pretend to be each other for fun.

Mariluna claimed that she was quite beautiful back then. Many wealthy men tried to marry her. She never fell for them until she met an American man, Henry Fordman.

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Mariluna's backstory in Freeridge explained 1
Mariluna tells Gloria her story

Henry was perfect, but the only thing he ever asked from Mariluna was to disown her working-class family and heritage. Mariluna was in love with him, as he had a yacht and a lot more to offer.

Unfortunately, Henry died on his 50th birthday when his car caught fire. Around the same time, Mariluna was taking the pyro classes. Mariluna had invited Marisol to this birthday party. She dearly missed her sister, but Marisol never showed up.

The truth behind the box

Gloria hears Mariluna’s story and wonders where the mysterious box fits into this. She reminds Mariluna about it, and the latter starts speaking.

Mariluna gave this box to Marisol when she left with Henry. The box included some of their old stuff. She is glad that Marisol kept this box, which suggests that Marisol still cared about her.

Gloria guesses that the box is cursed because Mariluna never got to see her sister after she gave it to her. Mariluna calls this a great theory but dismisses it.

It turns out that there is no such thing as a curse. Mariluna and Marisol had this inside joke where they told people things were cursed. They loved pranks like these that made them laugh.

Later in her car, Mariluna confesses that she just felt lonely. She really had a good time with Gloria, and she wished she could’ve gotten to know Marisol’s family.

With Marisol’s family actually being alive, Gloria helped Mariluna have a beautiful Thanksgiving party with all of Marisol’s family members and Gloria’s friends.

Mariluna loved games, and that’s why she pulled this prank on Gloria and her friends. Toward the end of the show, she offers Gloria and her friends a million-dollar cheque.

She promises to give them another cheque for ten million dollars if they manage to spend this money in the next three months. The catch is that Gloria and her friends will have to spend this money on things they can’t keep.

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