How does Marienne escape from Joe in You season 4 part 2?

In You season 4 part 2, it is revealed that Joe never let Marienne go. He kept her in captivity, hoping that she will give their relationship a chance.

Joe believed that he let Marienne board the train and leave the city. Joe’s other, darker side, which appears as Rhys, tells him that he actually kidnapped Marienne; he just doesn’t remember it

At the station, apart from stealing Marienne’s necklace, Joe also slipped a potion into Marienne’s drink that made her fall asleep. She later woke up at Joe’s apartment.

Joe fed her and took care of her in hopes that she would accept him, but Marienne continued to find a way to escape from him. This made the other Joe, who appears as Rhys, mad. Joe then forgot about Marienne altogether and went out to live his life as Jonathan Moore.

Marienne struggles with limited food inside the cage Joe has trapped her in. One day, Nadia arrives at that place after investigating who her Professor Jonathan Moore really is and finds Marienne all alone.

Marienne & Nadia’s plan A

Nadia promises to help Marienne escape from Joe. Marienne, in turn, instructs her that she can’t rely on the cops because Joe will somehow escape, track Marienne down again, and threaten her and her daughter’s life. He has done this before, and he will do it again.

The next time Nadia visits Marienne, Joe arrives there too. Luckily, Nadia hides in time, and Joe doesn’t find her at the place. Once he leaves, Nadia pitches to kill Joe right away if they can’t escape from him one way or another.

The plan is that Nadia will have her boyfriend, Edward, deliver ketamine to her. They will knock Joe out using those, and Marienne will then kill Joe using a knife.

How does Marienne escape from Joe in You season 4 part 2? 1
Marienne and Nadia devise plans to escape from Joe

Unfortunately, Nadia messes up in a rush. She gets caught by the police for possessing ketamine. Meanwhile, Joe goes to meet Marienne. Though Marienne doesn’t know, Joe is willing to let her go.

Since Joe is cooperating, Marienne directs him to check on her daughter, Juliette. Using Marienne’s phone, Joe texts Marienne’s friend, Beatrice, with whom Juliette is, and learns that Marienne is losing custody of her child.

The news breaks Marienne down. Joe vows to make things right. It turns out that Joe doesn’t even remember the password to the cage, which forces him to go back home and find a key to the cage.

When he comes back with the key, he finds Marienne dead. She took some pills and killed herself. Joe assumes that she did this because she lost her child; the only person she loved in this whole world.

Joe then proceeds to shift her body to a park to make sure that it looks like Marienne died because of drugs.

Plan B that saves Marienne

Nadia and Marienne had also prepared a plan B in case the original one didn’t go as planned. Nadia offered Marienne some pills, and they decided to use the custody of Marienne’s daughter as a reason for Marienne to kill herself.

As instructed by Marienne, Nadia took Marienne’s phone and saved her number under Beatrice’s name. When Joe texted Beatrice, he talked to Nadia, who claimed that Marienne is losing her child’s custody.

Now that Marienne has a reason to die, she acted like she has nothing to live for, and Joe believed her. The pills that Nadia gave Marienne are beta blockers. These pills slow down a person’s heart rate, and it looks like the person is dead.

Joe fell for that, and he placed Marienne on the park bench. Nadia followed Joe all the way to the park, and the moment he left, she came to Marienne, injected her, and brought her back to consciousness.

Now Joe doesn’t know that Marienne is still alive. She is somewhere far away with her daughter and is glad that life has given Joe a chance to redeem himself with Kate.

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