Marco: Gangs of Galicia character explained

Marco, Daniel’s godson, betrays Daniel after losing the woman he loves. Nuno Gallego plays Marco in Gangs of Galicia

Marco’s uncles work with Daniel, Marco’s godfather. Daniel has known their family since his childhood, and he is quite close to them.  

Daniel adores Marco. He ensures that Marco never has to want for anything. Daniel wishes to give him the life that he himself never had. 

Like the rest of Marco’s family, Daniel wants to keep Marco safe, so he pushes him to study hard and pursue a legal career.

He refuses to involve Marco and his parents in his illegal activities, no matter how much Marco insists on working with Daniel.

Losing María

Marco is dating María, Silva’s granddaughter, despite knowing that their families have a history. It is because of Silva that Daniel’s father is in prison. 

While Marco believes that Daniel is not like the others, María believes that Daniel is just as bad as the others in the Padín gang. 

When Marco finds out about the gang being behind Samuel’s kidnapping, he starts thinking that María is right about his family and stops seeing Daniel as the hero. 

His uncles then learn about his relationship with María and force him to break up with her. María’s mother does the same, but Marco and María do not break up.

Marco then tells María a secret he has not shared with anyone. His grandfather buried a huge sum of money somewhere on his vast property. 

His uncles have been looking for that money since his grandfather’s death, unaware that Marco had seen his grandfather burying it. 

As Marco becomes increasingly disappointed with his family, he decides to search for that money and use it to start afresh somewhere far away from Cambados with María.

Gangs of Galicia Marco
Marco finds his grandfather’s money

Marco and María succeed in finding the money, but before they can run away with it, Marco’s uncle, Nilo, catches them. 

When Marco and María are with Nilo and Daniel, Samuel attacks Nilo with a gun and ends up shooting Marco and María. 

While Daniel saves Marco by taking the bullet for him, he is unable to save María, who gets shot and loses her life.

Marco’s betrayal 

María’s death devastates Marco. He blames his uncles, Daniel, and most importantly, himself for dragging María into his family’s business. 

Marco then resolves to take down the Padín gang. He becomes an informant for the police, relaying information through María’s mother, Laura. 

He convinces Daniel to let him join the gang during a crucial mission. Daniel, who has a soft spot for Marco, agrees to let him stay with him at the shipyard where he is overseeing the operation.

As the police are tracking Marco, they discover Daniel’s whereabouts. Additionally, Marco provides them with the location for unloading the drugs, which an unsuspecting Daniel inadvertently reveals to him.

With Marco’s help, the police bust the gang’s operation. As a result, Daniel and Marco’s uncles are arrested but remain unaware of Marco’s betrayal.

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