Manifest season 4 part 2 summary and ending explained

In the second part of Manifest season 4, Ben, Michaela, Cal, and their friends try to answer all the Callings as the Death Date comes closer. Manifest season 4 part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The Registry is keeping most of the 828ers in the detention center. They are not only studying them but also answering their Callings. However, Director Zimmer cares more about the data they receive from the 828ers and their Callings.

When Cal’s dragon scar starts glowing again, Ben and Michaela, the co-captains of the lifeboat, decide to escape the detention center to see what is up. On their way out, they hear an 828er who is having a Calling.

Cal aids Ben and Michaela with his powers, and after following that Calling and saving the person they are supposed to, Ben and Michaela come across a dent in an open field where there was probably an airplane once.

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Ben believes the plane is back to where they came from. They need to go back to the detention center and protect everyone. Ben has nine months to figure out how everyone is going to survive the Death Date, and he will find people inside that detention center who will help.

Inside the detention center, Ben receives a strange Calling that leads him and Saanvi to discover Captain Daly in a room. Similarly, through his Callings, Cal ends up finding Fiona elsewhere.

Ben and Saanvi seek answers from Daly and Fiona. Unfortunately, Angelina, who is still alive and has Omega Sapphire in her hand, follows religious texts, misinterprets them, and gets both Daly and Fiona killed by manipulating people through her powers.

Cal and Olive figure out that it’s Angelina’s doing. Cal even confronts Angelina through his own powers, but she doesn’t listen to him. Jared manages to track Angelina down and bring her into custody.

Instead of stopping Angelina, Director Zimmer bribes her and uses her to lure the 13 828ers who are hiding outside. When Angelina stands up against Zimmer, the latter tries to steal Angelina’s Omega Sapphire.

Omega Sapphire can’t be removed from Angelina’s body. While Zimmer is away, Ben thinks of stopping Angelina once and for all by injecting her with the antidote that Saanvi has created.

Ben’s move backfires on the 828ers. Their Callings are taken away. The 828ers believed that by answering the Callings and saving people, they might survive the Death Date. Now that they don’t receive the Callings, they don’t know who they should save.

While everyone is down, Angelina escapes with Eagan and finds the 828ers hiding out there. TJ informs Saanvi and Ben about the World Card from the Al-Zuras Deck. Saanvi hints at the volcano erupting below New York.

An earthquake occurs, and fissure vents start appearing inside the detention center. Director Zimmer is given permission to activate the isolation protocol.

They will be emptying the place and leaving the 828ers on their own. The world already hates them for being responsible for the deaths of many, so no one will mourn if they die. Ben’s daughters, Olive and Eden, who had come to visit their father, get trapped inside as well, and they voluntarily stay to be with their father.

At times like these, Ben doesn’t allow the 828ers to lose hope. He encourages them to fight, and they all come together to survive their remaining days inside the detention center all by themselves.

Everyone has lost their Callings, but not Cal. These same Callings lead Cal, Jared, Michaela, who escaped earlier to be with her father, and Vance back to Ben and the 828ers.

Cal can read everyone’s Callings. He will use his powers and note down the Callings. They can sneak out of the place through the escape route that Drea has created for them and solve these Callings until their Death Date arrives.

Amidst all of this, Angelina convinces another group of 828ers to follow her. She wants to lead her group past the end times. It’s the cleansing of the world, according to her, and she looks forward to the start of the new world.

Manifest season 4 part 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Cal die?

Cal’s Callings lead the group back to the original symbols that gave them the Death Date: the Peacock, Gemini, and a Shenlong Dragon. Cal, Michaela, Olive, and Saanvi try to look at these symbols in a different way now.

They assume that these symbols reappeared to tell them how to survive the Death Date. Saanvi has brought Marko back to his senses, and he hints that he is talking about an ark in Bulgarian.

Saanvi then remembers that she threw a piece of Noah’s Ark into the fissure at the base of Storm King Mountain. There was a piece of Omega Sapphire inside it. The Peacock sign suggests that Cal needs two sapphires together to save the world.

Ben’s group journeys to Storm King Mountain. The fissure there is identical to the dragon scar Cal has. At night, Cal realizes that his sapphire is connected to the one inside Noah’s Ark. He knows he needs to go, so he sacrifices himself.

What happens on the Death Date?

A bright blue light emerges out of the fissure the moment Cal merges with it. Everyone around the world notices that light. The 828ers follow that light and gather at Storm King Mountain on their Death Date.

When the time comes, the land on Storm King Mountain erupts. Montego Air Flight 828 comes out of it. Assuming that they are supposed to board it, Ben and his friends instruct everyone to do so.

Angelina arrives to stop them. Back home, while solving a clue they found on the mountain, Olive figures out that Ben is supposed to forgive Angelina. Fortunately, Ben does the same, though Angelina took his wife from him.

Once the flight takes off, the 828ers are judged. The ones who committed sins are turned into ashes, including Angelina. Some of them who were going to die are spared once they are reminded that they have done more good than bad or prove that they can be good.

The ashes of the people who died combine, and a grim reaper appears. The 828ers confront this entity by recounting the good they have done despite being put through hell. Eventually, the entity is defeated, and the apocalypse outside ends.

What happens after 828ers leave the flight?

The flight lands and the 828ers find themselves back in 2013 at the airport where they were supposed to land. Ben and Michaela reunite with their family. Cal is back and is a kid now, and so is Olive.

The surviving members of the 828ers gather and decide to live through the second chance they have gotten. Only they know the life they have lived. They all reunite with their families and rejoice.

Michaela knows she is not meant to end up with Jared, as they both want different things in life. So she hands him his ring back and tells him that she is sure he is going to find someone. He does, as he crosses paths with Drea moments later. Michaela, on the other hand, finds Zeke outside.

Meanwhile, Vance arrives with the NSA to investigate the case of eleven missing passengers from Montego Air Flight 828. These missing people are the ones who weren’t spared by divine consciousness.

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