Manifest season 4 part 1 ending explained: Do the Stones find answers to save humanity?

Manifest season 4 part 1 follows the Stone family as they try to save humanity and their fellow passengers from flight 828 before their estimated death date. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The passengers of Flight 828 have been on a wild and dreadful ride since showing up after being missing for five and a half years, with none of them being aged at all.

Angelina murdered Ben’s wife, Grace, and kidnapped his infant daughter, Eden, two years ago because she believes Eden is her guardian angel.

The search for his missing daughter has forced Ben, who is still overcome with grief, to resign from his position as co-captain of the lifeboat.

Cal and Ben’s relationship is strained because Ben blames his son for Grace’s death and Eden’s kidnapping due to Cal’s previous relationship with Angelina.

Ben’s sister Michaela makes an effort to pilot the lifeboat and save the passengers, though the government is after all of them.

Saanvi, a researcher, keeps using science to look for a solution to evade the approaching death date that hangs over their heads.

Ben refuses to believe that his missing daughter is dead and eventually tracks Angelina down.

This leads to a confrontation at Adrian’s boarding house, where Angelina detonates explosives that destroy her safe haven. Meanwhile, Eden is rescued from Angelina and is reunited with Ben.

A mysterious serial killer starts targeting Flight 828 passengers, leading authorities to believe it is Angelina. The reason is that these targeted passengers have been assisting her and Eden in hiding for the past two years.

It turns out that Angelina’s ultra-religious parents, who had previously locked her in the basement because they thought her callings were a sign of demonic possession, are the real killers.

Since Angelina’s parents believed that these passengers led their daughter astray, they killed them to rid the sinners of her life.

Michaela’s husband, Zeke, overuses his empathic ability and relapses as he struggles to control it. Meanwhile, Cal receives a dragon tattoo on his forearm after meeting a Chinese passenger and realizes that he’s meant for something much bigger.

At the lab, Saanvi attempts to safely replicate the Major’s experiments, prompting her and the others to seek the omega sapphire. She believes that the omega sapphire can bring about unlimited callings and save the lifeboat from sinking.

Manifest season 4 part 1 ending explained in detail:

Do Saanvi and Michaela find omega sapphire?

Saanvi intensifies her search for omega sapphire, believing that it may hold the key to determining the cause of the callings.

When they all suddenly experience another one of those callings, they deduce that one of the passengers named Thomas requires their help.

While Cal’s health continues to deteriorate, Saanvi and Michaela try to track Thomas, who is living off the grid. Fortunately, they have a compass to guide them in the right direction.

Meanwhile, another passenger, Eagan, decides to go in search of this omega sapphire and follows his calling, which leads him to the “Masonic Temple of the Omega Order.”

Eagan volunteers at the soup kitchen run by the Mosaic Temple as a cover for a far more sinister plan.

During a break in his shift, he sneaks down to the basement and uncovers strange sigils around a mysterious door. When his colleague Thomas tries to stop him, he persuades him to join him.

Surprisingly, as Eagan bursts through the wall, he meets Michaela and Saanvi on the other side.

Eagan knows exactly what he’s looking for and uncovers a puzzle hidden right behind the drywall. With the help of Saanvi and Michaela, he solves the puzzle, which leads them to the drawing of Papyrus.

However, Eagan discovers the sapphire inside the drawing, takes it, and flees, trapping Saanvi and Michaela while the ceiling collapses.

What happens to Cal?

Cal’s health began deteriorating after the appearance of the dragon tattoo on his arm. When Zeke takes him to the doctor, Cal discovers that his cancer is back, and he is on the verge of dying much sooner than the estimated death date.

Despite his immunotherapy, Saanvi reveals that his condition is worsening, and he has only a few days left to live.

Olive starts working with TJ, her boyfriend who has just returned from Egypt, to learn more about omega sapphire. They find evidence that Cal could be the key to tipping the scales of fate back in their favor and saving humanity from extinction.

When Zeke overhears Olive and TJ’s conversation, he decides to absorb Cal’s pain and uses his empathic abilities to absorb Cal’s cancer. As a result, he dies in Cal’s place, allowing him to fulfill his destiny as the savior of the passengers.

Does Cal stop Angelina from destroying the world?

The mystical omega sapphire is in Eagan’s possession, but before he could use it, Angelina attacks him and steals the gem.

A piece from ancient history can be misused to do irreparable damage, as evidenced by the driftwood from Noah’s Ark, and this is exactly what Angelina does.

To get Eden back, Angelina uses the omega sapphire to create fake callings. When she fails to do so, she runs towards her old school, where she opens volcanic cracks on the floor.

Angelina claims to be an archangel and says she is there to punish those who deserve it.

Cal’s dragon tattoo starts to glow at the same time. He apparently pulls Angelina into a vision set on Flight 828 and urges her to stop, pointing out that she is destroying their only chance of survival.

Angelina tries to deceive him, but Cal eventually manages to overpower her and breaks omega sapphire.

However, Angelina emerges from the ruins with a piece of the omega sapphire embedded in her hand. As she staggers out of the church, ripples of lava appear on the city’s surface.

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