Madison Miller: XO, Kitty character explained

In XO, Kitty, Madison Miller gets a chance to study at KISS because Principal Lim needs to gain favor with her father. Jocelyn Shelfo plays the role of Madison Miller.

Principal Lim and her husband, Mr. Han, wish to expand their business, and the merger of Han Hotel Empire with Miller Hospitality will make it possible for them. For that, they need to keep the Millers and their daughter, Madison, happy.

As Madison is a huge K-pop fan, coming to South Korea to study at KISS is a dream come true for her, but she is also aware that she only got admission at KISS because Principal Lim will do anything to make her father happy for the sake of their business.

The clever rulebreaker

Madison seems to be obsessed with Min Ho from the moment they meet and keeps following him around. Initially, Min Ho does not want anything to do with her, but when she tells him that they can just sleep together without getting into a serious relationship, he decides to take up the offer.

As Min Ho spends time with her, he realizes that there is more to Madison than her obsession with Korean celebrities and people. Madison knows how to break the rules without getting into trouble.

Everyone who attended Min Ho’s party is punished, except Madison because she managed to escape without being seen. She is used to sneaking out of places, as she has snuck out of several boarding schools using the windows.

Even though she is not punished, she still comes to detention and sits with Min Ho. Professor Lee leaves her in charge, and she allows the students to do whatever they want, but not without teaching them how to avoid getting caught.

Her tips work, and the students get to enjoy themselves during detention. At the same time, she manages to impress Professor Lee, as he believes that she was able to maintain discipline in his absence. 

XO, Kitty Madison
Madison and Min Ho

Min Ho then realizes that he wants more than a casual relationship with her. He wants her to be his girlfriend, but she does not want the same thing. She only liked him in the first place because she thought he wanted the same thing as her.

Additionally, she enjoys pursuing people and gets all obsessed with them, but once that is done, she loses interest in them. Madison and Min Ho then decide to end their agreement since they both want different things now.

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