Luna & Mink’s best friends: Happy Ending (2023) characters explained

In Happy Ending, Luna and Mink’s best friends, Bo, Tirza, and Samir, make sure to be there for them while fighting their own battles. Sinem Kavus plays Bo, Claire Bender plays Tirza, and Samir is played by Sidar Toksöz.

Luna and Mink turn to Bo, Tirza, and Samir whenever they hit a wall, need some guidance in their lives, or want to talk about stuff they can’t talk about with each other.

Only Bo and Tirza know about the problems Luna is having when it comes to intercourse with Mink. Bo often gives her gifts that can help her with it. The two also encourage her when she comes up with the idea of a threesome with Mink and are there for her when she breaks up with Mink.

Similarly, Samir is like Mink’s brother. Mink shares all his problems with Samir. He is the one who takes Mink in when Mink ends up in a big fight with Luna over their relationship.

Bo, Tirza, Samir, Luna, and Mink all share the same sense of humor. They often get along for costume parties and hangouts, and Samir becomes Tirza and Bo’s best friend too.

While Bo, Tirza, and Samir are helping Luna and Mink, they face challenges of their own in their lives that are not different from Mink and Luna’s.

Bo, Tirza, and Samir’s lives

Bo is currently hooking up, and she calls her hookup a ‘quook-up’, as in quality hook-up. Luna likes to think Bo doesn’t want relationships that badly.

Tirza, on the other hand, has been with the same boyfriend since she was 16. According to her friends, she has forgotten how to live life.

Luna & Mink's best friends: Happy Ending (2023) characters explained 1
Bo, Tirza, Luna, and Samir discuss their life challenges

Samir is dealing with problems of his own. Unlike Bo, he wants a relationship badly. However, he overthinks a lot, which is why he is not able to have fun in bed and please his partner.

Bo, Tirza, and Samir encourage a conversation

When Luna and Mink break up, their best friends do their best to cheer them up. Bo, Tirza, and Samir arrange a Charlie’s Angels-style meeting for Luna, where they talk about the problems they are all facing.

Samir opens up first about how embarrassed he was about his situation. He felt like a failure. It’s when he started talking about it with Luna and Mink that he gained some confidence, and it no longer felt like a big deal. It was all in his head and Samir just had to deal with it like every other situation.

Bo confesses next. She admits that she is afraid to tell her quook-up that she is in love with them. She is scared that she will be rejected. Lastly, Tirza admits that she struggles with penetration.

Samir thinks Mink does want to talk to Luna, and she should give him a chance. She must have a conversation with him the way she just had with them to win him back. At the end of Happy Ending, Luna and Mink do start talking and sorting out what they are doing wrong.

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