Luke Jacobson’s connection to Daredevil in ‘She-Hulk’ explained

Luke Jacobson is a new character introduced in the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and he is a character with some significant connections in the superhero world. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.

Luke Jacobson is a fashion designer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who specializes in superhero suits. He’s highly exclusive and particular about the heroes he takes on as clients. The character first appeared in 1986 and is currently being played by Griffin Matthews.

A favour for a favour

Nikki is just chilling at her desk when Pug shows up asking her for a favour. He wants her to wait in line with him for a pair of exclusive limited edition Iron Man sneakers. He wants one pair to wear and one to display and since there’s a strict one pair per person policy, he needs her help.

She agrees to help him in exchange for a return favour which she calls in almost immediately. Pug says that he got his hands on several limited edition sneakers thanks to his “drip broker” Alonzo. He tells Nikki that Alonzo is the guy to go to for any fashion requirements.

Luke Jacobson's connection to Daredevil in 'She-Hulk' explained 1
Nikki and Pug arrive at Luke’s office to make a case for Jen

She asks him if he would know anyone who could make custom clothing for someone of superhuman proportions, referring to Jen. He manages to get a lead that initially turns out to be a bust but they eventually find themselves at Luke’s doorstep and Nikki gets an appointment by claiming that She-Hulk is part of the Avengers.

A select clientele

When they show up later for their appointment, Luke is reluctant to take her on as a client because she has a terrible sense of fashion and his work is of the highest quality. When Jen says that she just needs an everyday suit because she’s a lawyer, Luke waves her away.

However, Nikki tells him that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime as he’d be getting a chance to work with not one but two body types before asking Jen to showcase her transformation between her human and She-Hulk form.

Luke Jacobson's connection to Daredevil in 'She-Hulk' explained 2
Nikki convinces Luke that designing for She-Hulk will be worthwhile

Luke is immediately fascinated and agrees to design the suits for her while ordering his assistance to make sure they have tons of stretch wool for the job.

Esteemed company

Jen is still in her oversized suit while sitting with Mallory at a bar when Mallory asks her why she hasn’t gotten her new clothes yet. She visits Luke to collect the suits and he gives her a couple of items to try out first. She expresses her admiration for them from behind the curtain but the outfits aren’t revealed just yet.

Instead, Luke finds a box just lying on the table and he tells people that they need to be more careful with the merchandise before setting it down it somewhere else just as the camera pans to reveal Daredevil’s helmet.

Luke Jacobson's connection to Daredevil in 'She-Hulk' explained 3
Luke has gone for a more traditional colour scheme for Daredevil’s new suit

It makes sense that Daredevil would require someone new to design his suit after Melvin Potter was arrested by the FBI after creating a copy of the suit for Bullseye. Luke might yet become a staple for the MCU designing more suits for superheroes.

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