Who is Lucy? Cyberpunk: Edgerunners character explained

Lucy is one of the main protagonists alongside David Martinez in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners who also serves as his love interest. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Lucy is an introverted netrunner who is a part of Maine’s crew and introduces David to the despicable world of edgerunners. She’s got a complicated past that she doesn’t share with too many people and is one of the most talented netrunners in Night City.

Lucy is voiced by Aoi Yūki in the original Japanese version and Emi Lo in the English dubbed version.

Introducing David to the crew

David caught regular glimpses of Lucy on his way to the academy every day but his first real interaction with her was after he got the Sandevistan implanted. She was skimming chips from people on the train and David catches her when she tries to steal his.

Who is Lucy? Cyberpunk: Edgerunners character explained 1
Lucy and David’s first encounter.

She’s impressed by his hardware and suggests they work together. When David passes out from the excessive use of the Sandevistan, she takes him to the Ripperdoc to get checked.

She takes him back to her place where they talk about their dreams. She admits that one of her dreams is to go on a trip to the moon and together they go on a Braindance to the moon before they’re interrupted by Maine and the rest of the crew.

Lucy led them to him after recognizing the Sandevistan that David was packing. She was recruited to the crew by her mentor, Kiwi, who is also a netrunner.

A netrunner prodigy

When Maine takes Kiwi out while she’s doing a deep dive into Tanaka’s mind, Lucy is forced to take her place and complete the job which she does very effectively. She takes a break from going on jobs after that whole ordeal even though Faraday enquires about her.

Who is Lucy? Cyberpunk: Edgerunners character explained 2
Lucy was groomed to be a netrunner by the Arasaka corporation.

Lucy tells David that she grew up in an Arasaka facility in another country where she was raised to be a netrunner as a child among others. They were tasked with diving into the old net in search of valuable legacy information that could prove useful.

Eventually, the children realized that there is more to life than just diving for information and Lucy managed to escape and make her way to Night City.

Never trust anyone in Night City

Even though she doesn’t go out on jobs, Lucy continues to data dive and targets runners trying to retrieve the data that she got from Tanaka’s mind. Arasaka considers her a problem and enlists Faraday’s help to capture her.

Faraday lures Lucy in with a trap that he set with Kiwi’s help and then sends David and his crew on a mission set up by Arasaka. After Kiwi’s betrayal. Faraday plans on handing Lucy back to Arasaka but David finds out and goes after him to save her.

Who is Lucy? Cyberpunk: Edgerunners character explained 3
David gets Lucy to Falco and sacrifices himself to ensure her safety.

He eventually succeeds but at the cost of his own life as he battles and loses against Adam Smasher as Lucy is taken to safety by Falco.

David had promised Lucy that he would be with her when she achieved her dream of going to the moon but before his final moments, he asks Falco to relay a message to Lucy, stating that he’s sorry for not being there when she does ultimately visit the moon, a dream that fulfils at the end.

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