Love in the Villa ending explained: Does Charlie love Julie?

Netflix’s Love in the Villa is a romantic-comedy that follows Julie (Kat Graham), a third grade teacher in America who travels to Verona, Italy by herself after her boyfriend breaks up with her. However, her trip gets worse when the villa she rented is accidentally double booked.

Plot summary

Julie Hutton is a third grade teacher in America who is a hopeless romantic and obsessed with Romeo and Juliet. She prepares herself to go on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend of four years, Brandon.

Unfortunately, Brandon freaks out because of Julie’s controlling nature and breaks up with her before the trip. Devastated, she still decides to go as it has always been her dream to visit the city in which her favourite tragedy is set.

Her flight is troublesome and her suitcases don’t make it to Verona with her. To make matters worse, she walks into the villa she’s booked — La Villa Romantica — only to realise that it has accidentally been double booked by the host, Silvio D’Angelo.

She finds a quite handsome yet obnoxious British man, Charlie Fletcher (Tom Hopper), already living there and the two do not get off on the right foot. They have an argument and Julie wonders if there’s a hotel available. Charlie informs her that due to Europe’s largest wine expo, Vinitaly, being held in the city, everything is overbooked.

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Desperate for some rest, she asks to sleep on the couch for the night till Silvio can resolve the issue and the Englishman agrees. The next day Silvio confirms that it was an error and the two will have to share the space.

Annoyed at the whole situation, Julie decides to stick to her itinerary and fails miserably. She eventually throws it in the bin and heads back to the villa. It is then revealed that Charlie works for the largest wine exporter in England and is in Verona for work.

The two are still sarcastic and cold towards each other forcing Julie to take action to make the unwelcome flatmate leave. She earlier realises that Charlie is allergic to cats and lures a clowder into his room using olives. He wakes up in shock and ends up getting covered in rashes.

Thus begins a vicious game of tit for tat as the two play continuous pranks to make each other leave. Charlie sends Julie’s suitcases to an orphanage when they arrive and sticks pages from her personal diary onto Juliet’s wall in the courtyard below.

In response, Julie gets the lock on the villa door changed and when Charlie tries to climb in from the balcony, she calls the cops on him. After spending time in jail, Charlie decides to call a truce as he cannot afford to be seen getting arrested while on official duty.

However, there is still one card left for him to play. He cooks Verona’s most-famous dish, Pastissada de Caval, for dinner and invites Julie to eat. She enjoys it but is shocked to find out that it is supposed to contain horse meat.

The two start throwing things at each other and the cops intervene again. They warn the two guests to behave or else they will be spending a lot more time in prison. Charlie confesses that he used portobello mushrooms instead of horse meat for the dish and the two rivals laugh it off over wine.

Love in the Villa ending explained:

How do Julie and Charlie bond?

The two strangers start talking over wine after their food fight and actually enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, Charlie reveals that one of their sales reps has vacated a room at Hotel Due Torri so he can move there, ending the conflict.

Julie thanks Charlie for sharing the property and confesses that the past few days have been liberating. She has always been a girl with a plan and letting go of control actually felt awesome.

They then walk around the area talking about life and what they would like to do if they had the option to do anything. Charlie opens up about wanting to buy a small vineyard whereas Julie confesses that she already loves what she does.

When they get home, Charlie crashes on the couch instead of going to the hotel and Julie feels a spark between them. The next day they spend sightseeing as Charlie — despite renting the property every year for six years — has never actually seen the city.

The two then share more information about their families and have a thought provoking discussion on destiny and romance. Eventually, they head to a vineyard where Charlie has to meet a potential client.

What happens at the Vineyard?

The owner of the vineyard, Carlo Caruso, welcomes them both and Charlie discusses his company’s offer with him. He tells Julie that Caruso is deep in debt and needs his company to save him.

As the night moves on, Caruso treats Julie to his wine who is astonished at how exquisite it is. She convinces the host to follow his heart and he rejects Charlie’s offer.

Charlie is fearful of his boss’ wrath at the failed deal but admits that it felt good to not take advantage of Caruso’s vulnerability. He then asks Julie to dance the two lean in for a kiss.

However, Charlie stops before their lips can meet and says that he can’t do it. Julie doesn’t ask for an explanation and two head home in silence.

When they reach the villa, a surprise awaits.

Who do they meet at the villa?

Charlie tries to tell Julie about something as she opens the door to the villa but stop midway when they see a woman waiting for them. She is revealed to be Charlie fiancé Cassie. The catch is that they were on a break but Cassie decided to show up and reunite with her lover.

She mentions that they have had their fair share of drama and they’re always breaking and patching things up. Julie is shocked and walks out but Charlie follows her to explain.

Tearful, she lets him know that there is no need for an explanation as they’ve only known each other for a week. She further asks him to never text or call her again.

The next morning, there is a knock on the villa door and Brandon shows up to patch things up with Julie as well. The two spend the day together and end up going to a restaurant where Charlie and Cassie are already dining.

Do Charlie and Julie get together?

The dinner is quite awkward as Julie spends most of her time getting drunk on wine. After she gets incredibly sloshed, Brandon escorts her back as Charlie thinks about his future.

He breaks up with Cassie and rushes to see Julie, sprinting through an alley full of cats to reach her. However, he sees Brandon proposing to her and walks away heartbroken.

Incidentally, Julie does not accept the proposal and hands Brandon back the ring. The next day we see the two protagonists going about their business, unaware of each other’s single status.

Charlie runs into Silvio who encourages him to not give up. As Julie is about to leave for the airport, Charlie heads to the villa and narrates a line from Romeo and Juliet.

Julie comes downstairs and Charlie lets her know that he broke things off with Cassie because he loves her. Julie too reveals that she didn’t get engaged and the two finally kiss.

Elsewhere, Brandon runs into Cassie and the two decide to have a drink together.

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