Love & Beck’s return in You season 4 part 2 explained

In You season 4 part 2, Joe faces his ex-wife, Love, and ex-lover, Beck, again, who come to offer him a solution to all of his problems.

After learning that he is the Eat the Rich Killer and that he is forgetting the murders he has committed, Joe tracks Marienne down and finds her in his cage in a basement.

Joe really wanted to change, but the obsession and the killer inside him didn’t let him. He continued to walk down that serial killer path of his without even knowing that he was killing his new friends.

Joe still vows that he will change and let Marienne go. He still had to remember where he put the key to her cage so that he could free her. This led him back to his apartment, where he shut himself and the serial killer side of his, which appears as Rhys, by taking Phoebe’s pills.

When he wakes up, familiar faces from his past show up, hinting at what he needs to do to make this right.

Joe reunites with Love & Beck

Joe wakes up, makes arrangements for Marienne, and meets her in the basement. Unfortunately, he fails to remember the password to his cage or where he has put the key to it. On top of that, he hands Marienne a drink that she is allergic to.

Joe fails to open the door and is forced to watch Marienne die. Following that, he quickly finds himself in another room where he meets Gemma, one of Phoebe’s friends, whom he had to kill because she was onto him.

He apologizes to her and promises to fix his mistake by saving Marienne, but she is sure that he won’t save her. Joe next meets Beck in a room full of blonde women.

Beck is preparing for a reading, and she notices her ex-boyfriend. She questions him about what he has done this time, calls him pathetic, and taunts him. Beck lets him know that he can never save anyone and proceeds to eat the key he is looking for.

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Love offers Joe a way out of his cycle

Next, Joe meets his ex-wife, Love Quinn, who shows up inside Joe’s cage, reading Rhys’ book. Joe’s apology sessions continue, and Love admits that she was emotional and unfaithful but also reminds Joe of his pattern of killing his lovers.

Right after that, Marienne reappears in the cage, dying. Love asks Joe what is love and if it is a thing that ends with his better halves dying. She then hands him the key, which turns into a gun. Love hints that someone needs to die for this to end.

Are Love and Beck alive?

Love puts the gun on Joe’s head. He hears a gunshot and wakes up back in his apartment. Turns out, Joe was only dreaming about Love, Beck, and Gemma. Beck even hints that it’s his dream when they meet.

Rhys is still beside Joe, who never left his flat, and Marienne hasn’t died yet either. So Joe still has a chance to save her and make things right before everything goes wrong again.

The purpose of Love & Beck’s return

Both Love and Beck, in Joe’s dreams, try to tell him that saving a person is not in Joe’s nature. Love, especially, reminds him that this pattern of his where he ends up killing his lovers won’t ever go away. It’s the same with Marienne again.

She hands him the gun, suggesting that he should be the one who must die if he really wants this cycle to end. The dream clears up Joe’s mind. He plans to free Marienne and commit suicide once and for all.

Unfortunately, a few more obstacles come his way, forcing him to make changes to his plans and murder another person. At the end of the day, he does commit suicide, but the cops save him.

Joe reunites with Kate at the hospital. She confesses that in her soul, she knows Joe is a good person. She wants them to be together and help each other stay good. This is exactly what Joe needed to hear.

Joe lets her know who he is and what he has done, and they kick off a new relationship. Kate has promised to keep him on the right side. The question remains if Joe can really end this cycle of his or not.

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