Lord Danbury: Queen Charlotte Character explained

Lord Danbury is Agatha Danbury’s husband and one of the first noblemen to be granted the title of Lord as part of the great experiment. The character is played by Cyril Nri.

Lord Herman Danbury and Agatha had a sizeable age difference and theirs was a marriage of convenience rather than love. He would only visit her when he was in the mood to make love and she would always remain an uninterested participant in the act.

He would also talk down to her and not treat her with the respect that she deserved. He didn’t even maintain a relationship with his children.

Burying his memory

Even though he was bestowed with the title of lord, Herman wasn’t allowed to enter the Whites club like the other Lords until Agatha negotiated a deal with Princess Augusta to ensure her husband is treated based on his title.

While making love one day, Herman’s heart gave way and he passed. Agatha tells Coral first and the two of them initially celebrate before putting on a show for the rest of the servants that they are devastated.

With her husband’s death, Agatha finally had the freedom to live her life as her own. The other lords do bring up the issue of the succession of titles as Herman was the first to pass away following the implementation of the great experiment.

Lord Danbury: Queen Charlotte Character explained 1
Agatha with her son, the future Lord Danbury

She does secure the succession through her friendship with Queen Charlotte and chooses not to marry again so that she can live an independent life.

She spends that life opening schools for young girls in Herman’s name because when he was alive, he had such a disdain for women. While talking to Violet about relationships, she says that she didn’t experience love until after he died.

When a young Charlotte asks her about the act of consummating her marriage. Agatha says that it isn’t exactly an exciting act which was true in her case. That was because she never really loved him and only when she slept with Lord Ledger did she enjoy it.

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