Lockwood & Co. ending explained: What happens to the bone glass?

Lockwood & Co. follows three teenagers as they struggle to make a name for their agency by fighting dangerous ghosts without any adult supervision. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In a world riddled with ghosts, Lucy Carlyle and Lockwood enter the house of an elderly woman to get rid of the ghost that resides there by containing its source. 

When the woman questions them about not having adult supervision, they tell her that the law requires adult supervision for operatives that are still training. They do not need it because they do not find it necessary.

When it gets dark and the ghost comes out, they realize it is a much stronger ghost, a Type Two. This ghost is different because Lucy can almost hear what she is trying to say. 

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When the ghost tries to attack, Lucy almost falls from the first floor. She holds on for her dear life while Lockwood tries to deal with the ghost.

Three years ago, when Lucy had just turned 13, her mother leaves her at an agency to be trained as a ghost hunter. She begs her mother to not leave her there, but she does not listen, as it would get her uncaring mother a monthly paycheck.

A girl named Norrie befriends Lucy there; she becomes her family. They are taught that iron, silver, and certain salt bombs are used to deal with ghosts. The agents always carry an iron rapier with them. 

No one knows how the world changed, but years ago, ghosts started haunting the cities at night and killing people; this was termed the Problem. Ghosts can be neutralized by containing their source, which could be anything, including their bodies.

Talented teenagers are those who can sense ghosts, and Lucy is one of them. She is extraordinarily talented, as she can hear ghosts. With time, she manages to pass the third grade, and once she passes the fourth, she will be a fully trained agent.

Norrie wants them to run away to London and get a job at one of the top agencies because she wants to keep her paycheck. Lucy convinces her to stay for a little longer until she passes her fourth grade. The two promise to go to London together one day.

When a mission goes wrong, Norrie gets ghost locked, which means she is in a vegetative state, as she has been touched by a ghost. Their employer does not take responsibility and blames it all on Lucy, the only survivor.

Lucy’s mother does not care and wants her to apologize to the employer, who goes unpunished, because she wants Lucy to keep working. This prompts her to run away to London on her own.

Lucy fails to find a job with just a third-grade certificate until she comes across an advertisement by a new agency called Lockwood & Co. in the papers. She takes her chance and goes for the interview. 

The agency comprises two teenage boys, Anthony Lockwood and George Karim. After an unconventional interview, which assures them of Lucy’s talents, Lockwood hires her. 

Although Lucy lies about having completed her training, Lockwood calls DEPRAC, the department in charge of managing psychical research and control, and finds out that she has not passed the fourth grade, but he still decides to keep her. 

Lucy starts living in the attic of Lockwood’s house. She is told that they are an independent agency, not on DEPRAC’s payroll, and they work without adult supervision.

In the present, Lucy is saved by Lockwood. She then tells him that she can almost feel what the ghost is feeling, which should not be possible. They locate the source — the ghost’s body buried within the walls. 

They secure the source by covering it with an iron net, but they accidentally burn down the house of the client. Lucy ends up in the hospital, but she manages to run away.

Lockwood is told by Inspector Barnes from DEPRAC that he needs to pay the client £60,000 in damages within two weeks. It also costs them their reputation; they are called a rouge agency by the newspapers.

Lucy finds out from George, who handles the research for the group, that the ghost that attacked them was of a rising star, Annabel, of the ‘80s, who suddenly went missing.

He then finds Lucy submerging herself in the bathtub and asks Lockwood to fire her because things have been going wrong since he hired her. Lucy, without telling either of them, had brought the ring she found on the ghost’s body, which was the real source.

They get attacked by the ghost in their house. After controlling it, Lucy convinces them to let her connect with the ghost once more. She finds out that Annabel was choked to death by her lover, and she never got justice.

Meanwhile, Barnes calls Lockwood and asks him to fire Lucy since she has not completed her training, but he ignores the orders. The group does their research and finds out that Annabel’s lover was Hugo Blake, her costar.

George tells Lucy that he used to work at Fittes, the top agency. George was fired because he was always too curious and asked too many questions.

To get publicity, Lockwood leaks the information about Lucy’s contact with Anabelle to the press, despite her wishes. This causes DEPRAC to take her to get enough evidence to charge Blake, but Lucy gets scared when she sees Blake.

Barnes advises her to go back home, as he thinks that Lockwood is taking advantage of her. A frustrated Lucy tries to quit, but Lockwood convinces her that she is now an integral part of their agency. 

Lucy agrees to stay and goes home with him to find that George has been attacked. They fend off the assailant together, and Lucy tells them that she had been wearing Annabel’s ring all this time. 

The three examine the ring, and Lockwood locks it away because Lucy cannot be trusted with it. They also get a letter from DEPRAC that says that they cannot operate without adult supervision for the time being.

To earn £60,000, they take an assignment to rid Combe Carey Hall of ghosts for John Fairfax, a man who has profited greatly from the Problem as he deals in iron. He tells them that they cannot take explosives in the house and that he is hiring them because he needs this case to be handled discreetly.

Many people have already lost their lives fighting ghosts in that house because it used to be a satanic priory of devil worshippers, where monks had committed mass suicide. 

At the house, the trio gets trapped in a room where blood seeps from the wall and even the iron does not save them. They find a hidden door, which takes them to the real Screaming Staircase and the Red Room, where elite agents had lost their lives.

They find the source when Lucy briefly gets ghost locked and destroy it with an explosive that Lockwood had snuck in. They realize that Fairfax had tricked them; he brought them here to kill them because he was Annabel’s lover; he knew that they will figure it out eventually.

He tries to kill them with a gun, but Lucy, who had taken the ring again, releases Annabel’s ghost. The ghost kills Fairfax to get revenge, but the trio gets arrested by Barnes for ignoring his orders. 

However, the deputy commissioner shows up at the scene and releases them once they sign an NDA. At the funeral of the agent, whose body they found in the Red Room, the trio is thanked by Penelope Fittes, Marissa Fittes’ daughter. 

Lucy also gets her fourth-grade completion certificate, which makes her an agent. Her happiness does not last long, as she starts hearing voices. George had talked about how listeners can burn out after a point.

For their next mission, they are hired by Joplin and Saunders to clear a grave at a cemetery. They are promised support by Saunders, which they do not get, leaving them vulnerable to relic men, people who steal dangerous relics to sell on the black market.

They find out that the grave has an iron casket, and George takes a look at it, which messes with his mind. Lucy saves them in time but not without hearing ghosts talk. Lucy comes home and has an actual conversation with an old skull relic that George had once stolen. 

She tries to convince George and Lockwood that the skull is a Type Three by revealing that it had told her that something dangerous lies behind the door Lockwood always keeps locked, but they do not believe her. 

Marissa Fittes was the only person who had even spoken to ghosts. She had talked about Type Three ghosts that refuse to move on from the mortal realm.

They talk and feel just like humans but always in the darkness. Their words are heard when they meet a human with the talent to communicate with them.

Later, Lockwood apologizes to her and admits that he believes her. He was upset because he lost his parents at the age of six, and he is sensitive about his past, which lies behind the door that he keeps locked at all times.

George had seen an inscription on the mirror that was in the iron casket, and he starts interpreting it. The casket predates the Problem, so he is curious to know why was it made of iron. He interprets it and goes to the cemetery to look at it again but finds it missing.

He also meets Barnes and a team led by Kipps, an agent who works for Fittes and is Lockwood’s rival. Barnes has given the case of the mirror, which has been stolen, to Kipps’ team. Lockwood and Lucy also arrive there.

George proves the information given by Kipps’ team wrong; he reveals that the grave belonged to Edmund Bickerstaff, a Victorian doctor with secret links to the occult, and translates the inscription on the mirror. 

As a result, Barnes asks Kipps’ team to handle the case with Lockwood & Co. This causes Kipps and Lockwood to make a deal — the team that finds the mirror will win, and the losing team will never work as agents again.

During their investigation, Lockwood & Co. find a relic man’s body. Lockwood recognizes him as Danny, an ex-agent who had helped Lockwood a few times in the past. They decide to keep the information to themselves.

George goes to the archives to read up on Bickerstaff, where he meets and befriends Joplin. Lockwood and Lucy go to meet a relic woman, Flo. She tells them that Jack Carver was Danny’s partner and asks them to leave a message for him here if they want to meet him.

She also tells them that the two partners were in business with Julius Winkman, an antique dealer. Despite her warnings, Lockwood decides to break into Winkman’s warehouse to steal the mirror, and Lucy has no choice but to follow him.

The two are caught by the Winkmans. They torture Lockwood, and the two almost get killed. Lucy manages to subdue them and escape with Lockwood. They rush back home when they remember that they had left a message for Carver and George is alone.

George starts having strange experiences, but he does not talk to his friends about them. Minutes after Lockwood and Lucy come home, Carver comes to their house and dies. The trio realizes that he has been stabbed by someone.

Lockwood & Co. ending explained in detail:

What is the bone glass?

The trio finds out that the mirror found in the grave is a dangerous relic that everyone wishes to get. The skull starts talking to Lucy and tells her that its master is Bickerstaff. It leads them to his house.

There, Lucy asks Lockwood and George to wait and goes inside alone, as she knows danger lies ahead. She goes inside a trapdoor that houses many ghosts to get Bickerstaff’s papers and is saved by Lockwood and George, who had come looking for her.

George reads the papers and tells them that Bickerstaff murdered his own patients brutally to tie them to their bones in order to check the source theory before the Problem. He killed seven people to get seven ghosts that would help him create this mirror, which is called the bone glass.

The bone glass is a mysterious and dangerous relic that drives people mad when they look at it. Danny had disfigured and killed himself after getting his hands on it.

How do Lockwood and Lucy get Mary Dulac’s book of confessions?

While George stays at home with Joplin to study Bickerstaff’s papers, Lucy and Lockwood decide to attend the Fittes Ball to get a copy of Mary Dulac’s confessions.

Dulac attended one of Bickerstaff’s meetings and went missing after that. She was found years later, but she had lost her sanity. 

At the ball, Lucy gets offered a position at Fittes by Penelope, who had earlier sent Kipps to do the same. Lucy rejects the offer and assures an anxious Lockwood that she is not leaving him and George before sneaking into the Black Library to steal the book.

They get the book and then hear Penelope talking to a man in the library. The man finds and attacks them with his golden blade after Penelope leaves. The two manage to escape with the book without getting hurt.

How does Lockwood & Co. get the bone glass?

Lucy and Lockwood meet George and Flo at their designated location. Flo had earlier visited Lockwood to tell him where the bone glass was being auctioned off. She then offered to help him steal it.

While Lucy and Lockwood sneak in to steal the bone glass, George waits with Flo in the boat. Flo realizes that George has been affected by the glass. She tells him to stay strong and fight the temptation.

Lucy and Lockwood come across a DEPRAC undercover agent, who asks them to leave, as this place is too dangerous for them. He even gives them an opportunity to leave, but Lockwood refuses to go without the glass, much to Lucy’s disappointment.

They wear robes and hide in the crowd when the auction is taking place. Lockwood gets caught, but Lucy distracts everyone to allow him to steal the mirror. They dodge Winkman’s men and watch the DEPRAC agent sacrifice his life for them.

They are then confronted by the man with the golden blade. As there is no way out, they throw the bone glass from the roof for George and Flo to catch before jumping off the roof into the river. 

What happens to the bone mirror?

Flo takes George to hand over the glass to Barnes, but she cannot enter the building because she is a relic woman. Once she leaves, George calls someone instead of going inside.

After Lockwood apologizes to Lucy for getting them into an extremely dangerous situation even when they had a chance to back out, the two read Dulac’s book and find out that she killed Bickerstaff because he tried to kill her with the glass.

He forced her to look into it, which drove her mad. After looking at it, she desperately wanted to look at it again. The illustration in the book matches the symbols that George has been drawing everywhere, and they realize he has become a victim as well.

George meets Joplin, who is also under the glass’ control, at the graveyard with the bone glass. Kipps tries to stop them, but he fails because he is losing his talent, which happens to every talented with age. Joplin brings Bickerstaff’s body there and binds Kipps; she plans to make him look at the glass.

Lockwood and Lucy, who had come to the graveyard looking for George, come across Kipps’ team and join hands with them to defeat Winkman and his men, who have followed them there. Lucy goes to save George.

Bickerstaff wanted to see what lies beyond the living world, but he did not know that only young people possess the ability to see that. George realizes that Joplin was going to use him if Kipps had not arrived and that she is the one who killed Carver. 

Joplin discovers that Kipps has lost his talent and forces George to see, but Lucy arrives in time and asks Joplin to use her instead to make George understand that he is important to her and Lockwood. 

When the time comes to look at it, Lucy turns away and makes the skull see the glass. The skull tells Lucy that it is not the eternal but a trap that he is looking at. George pushes the bone glass to save Lucy, causing it to crack.

It breaks entirely when Joplin picks it up, setting the ghosts inside it free and causing a blast that kills Joplin. Bickerstaff’s ghost rises again, but Lockwood saves his friends in time.

The man with the golden blade meets Penelope. He informs her that the glass has been broken and is going to be destroyed by DEPRAC. He adds that he thought he killed Lockwood, but he failed. She replies that it does not matter as long as the glass is out of the public domain.

How does the incident change Lockwood?

Lockwood had defeated Winkman and his men with Kipps’ team. He was also shot by the man with the golden blade, who told him that his parents died an insignificant death.

Lockwood receives medical attention after saving Lucy and George. When Barnes asks him about the person who shot him, he feigns ignorance.

Kipps admits that he lost, but Lockwood asks him not to resign, as he realizes that their bet was a stupid idea. He even gives 30% of the commission to Kipps’ team. 

The skull has not been speaking since the incident, and Lockwood leaves the decision as to what should be done with it to Lucy. She decides to keep it.

Lockwood does not want to keep any secrets from his friends anymore, so he tells them about his attacker and finally takes them to see what lies behind the locked door.

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