Live is Life (2022) ending explained: What did the boys finally do?

Live is Life is a Spanish movie that crafts the story of four friends who meet after a long time and decide to have a day of adventures. However, their adventures bring them a lot of unexpected events, but they all stick together.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rodri is chased by bullies even on his last day of school. He runs and escapes the bullies who always want to rob them. His parents are waiting in a car for him. They begin their journey and go to their hometown, Galicia.

Upon reaching there, Rodri expresses concern about meeting his friends who he hasn’t met for many years. He takes his bicycle and rides to find his friends Garriga and Maza.

After meeting, the kids have fun and discuss each other’s life. Garriga tells them about his pocket money. Maza talks about his twin, Alvaro, who has cancer and is just discharged from the hospital.

Soon, they meet Suso, who tells them about his father being in a coma. Eventually, all the friends decide to go hiking for Midsummer’s Eve. Suso tells them about a magic potion that can be made using a special kind of flower on the mountain that is only available at dawn.

They decide to meet at 6 am the next morning. When Rodri is going back home, he is harassed by the local boys who like to bully kids. While getting chased, Rodri falls into the lake.

After coming back, his family does not believe him and punishes him for eating in the kitchen. However, Rodri gets permission for the next day’s plan, saying that they will be staying at Suso’s place.

The next morning, the boys take their bicycles and begin their adventurous journey. Today, Alvaro also joins them.

Soon they realize that to finally reach the destination, they have to cross the regular spot where the bullies hang out. They make a plan to avoid them.

Garriga had brought firecrackers with him, which they used to distract the bullies. Finally, Alvaro and Maza puncture the bullies’ bikes so that they can’t follow.

Eventually, their plan works, and they reach a place where Suso’s father had previously worked. He also gets upset because this house led to his father’s medical condition.

However, the boys have a good time here swimming and drinking whiskey for the first time. Garriga, on the other side, keeps insisting on going to a party he is invited to by his classmate.

But the boys are not ready to accept any girl into their group.

Garriga gets irritated by this fact and gets into a fight with Suso. Suso really wants to go get the magic flowers, but Garriga wants to go to the party. 

However, things resolve, and they set forth. But somehow, the bullies again start to follow them, this time with guns. The boys run and get on a boat.

But, things take a turn when the bullies throw the boys’ bicycles into the lake. The boys get sad about losing their bicycles, but they move on.

Upon reaching the other side, they set on foot to find a village. In the village, the boys hear the sound of a baby crying.

In a house, they find a baby crying with her mother lying dead beside her. Alvaro, although advised otherwise by the boys, takes the baby with him. 

After several discussions and fights, they decide to stick together with each other and take the baby to the hospital tomorrow.

Garriga suggests that they go to his friend’s party as it is nearby. The group of boys agrees to go.

At the party, Suso takes care of the baby and cleans her. At the same time, Garriga has his time when his friend, the host of the party, kisses him.

But sadly the joy didn’t last much when the bullies find the boys at the party as well. But this time, Alvaro confronts the leader of the bully gang, who won’t fight Alvaro, fearing that he might catch the disease that he has.

But Alvaro fights bravely, followed by his brother Maza attacking the leader of the Bully gang and beating him terrifically. With this, the gang leaves the boys alone and does not further harass them.

The boys set forth on their journey to find the magic flowers.

Live is Life (2022) ending explained in detail:

What is Alvaro’s sickness?

While camping at night, the boys discuss their lives and bond. Rodri burns his text notebook in the bonfire and decides to let go of his past and start afresh.

When the boys are sleeping, Suso finds a sheet in Alvaro’s pocket. This seemed like a medical diagram. He asks Maza about it.

Maza tells them that after ten days, the doctors are going to remove Alvaro’s arm to temporarily get rid of the tumour. He wanted this to be their last adventure together.

Do they find the magic flower?

The next morning, the boys go up to the mountain and find the magical flower. They pluck it and fill it in the bottle to make the magic potion.

According to beliefs, this magic potion has the ability to make people strong and cure illness; thus, Suso wanted to make the potion for his dad; however, they decided to all take a sip of the potion.

But, Suso suggests that they give their sip to Alvaro because he needs all the strength in the world. The boys happily agree.

What happens to the baby?

As planned, the boys take the baby to the hospital and leave her in the baby’s ward. They left a note that said, “Take care of her; her name is Hope.”

Does Suso’s father get well?

After the boys leave the baby, they visit Suso’s father. Suso gives the magic potion to his father and confesses his fear of losing him.

He breaks down, but his friends hold him tight.

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