Little Things season 4 summary and ending explained

The final season of Netflix’s delightful rom-com ‘Little Things’ has been released on the streaming platform. The last leg in the journey of Dhruv and Kavya as they build towards their future together.


Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar) meet each other again in Kerala after 14 months apart when Dhruv has to attend a conference there and decides to invite Kavya so that they can also enjoy a holiday together.

Dhruv has returned from Finland where he was working as an assistant to his high school friend, Sanketh while Kavya has been working in Nagpur but recently requested a transfer back to Mumbai. They decide to visit different parts of Kerala and reconnect after spending so much time apart.

The first leg of their trip takes place in Alleppey where Dhruv insists they travel around themselves just like the locals in order to truly enjoy the experience. They walk around discussing all that they’ve missed in the months that have passed get into a tiff about not being able to meet sooner because of their restrictive schedules.

Next up is Munnar, where Kavya had arranged a bus tour for them with a particularly stern but friendly tour guide. They visit a church, a tea plantation and finally take a boat ride on a lake where they get stranded due to faulty pedals, causing Dhruv to lose his cool and let out the pent up frustration that he’s been building up all day.

At Kochi, Dhruv has to attend his conference so he books a cycling tour of Fort Kochi for Kavya until he’s done. She heads out for the tour and then comes across a human library where other people are the ‘books’ who share their stories.

Back at the conference, Dhruv and Sanketh are asked about their working relationship and hey share their opinions and how they each have a different approach in accomplishing tasks. After Kavya and Dhruv meet up, they tell each other about their day and how despite not being able to spend too much time with each other, they’re already tired and would prefer to stay in for the night.

The two of them then go shopping for souvenirs and gifts to take back home before meeting Sanketh and his wife, Mila. The two couples talk about how their lives have progressed with Mila talking about how the two of them fell in love and eventually decided to start a family together. Dhruv and Kavya take in all this information and contemplate where they currently stand in their relationship.

Once they get back to Mumbai, they settle into their new apartment, unpacking all their furniture and belongings. Kavya is waiting to hear from her boss regarding her transfer and Dhruv is taking calls from all his friends and family as he hasn’t spoken to them since returning from Finland.

Kavya is ecstatic to hear that she got the job in the Mumbai branch, but her joy is short-lived. When Dhruv notices that some of their fragile items are damaged, he throws his arms back in disgust hurting Kavya in the process.

During their visit to the doctor, Kavya mentions a dead leg and some general pain in her spine and is referred to an orthopaedic doctor who looks at her x-rays and concludes that she has spinal nerve compressions and will need bed rest and physiotherapy for the next months, dashing her hopes of joining work again.

Dhruv starts off his project at IMRC and meets his team but takes a while to really get through to them or adjust to the way things are done there. He has to answer his superiors regarding delays that his team faces, and also inform his team when he finds out that their payment will be delayed. He eventually connects with them, and learns along the way what being a team leader entails.

Meanwhile, Kavya is coming to terms with staying at home. She tries to keep herself busy by taking on a few freelance clients but grows restless and visits another doctor to explore her options.

She tells the doctor that she would like to get back to work soon and is willing to have surgery to speed up the process. Despite the weeks of post-op care that is involved, she makes her decision. She takes this prospect to Dhruv, who agrees to support her as long as she has thought things through.

At the end of the month, Dhruv’s parents and Kavya’s parents visit them together in Mumbai and decide to host a party and invite their friends as well. Dhruv spends the morning doting on both sets of parents while they settle in and then sets about preparing for the party.

At the party, everyone seems to have a great time enjoying the alcohol and the general company of each other. They even have an impromptu music session, singing songs to pass the time. During all this, when Kavya and Dhruv have a moment to themselves, Kavya tells him that she’s finally ready to get married to him, taking out his grandmother’s ring that he had given her a while back.

What’s in store for Dhruv and Kavya in the future? How do their families react to the news?

Little Things season 4 ending explained in detail (Episode 8, ‘Full Circle’):

Giddy with excitement

After bidding farewell to their friends at the end of the party, Dhruv and Kavya mention how none of them noticed the ring on her finger. They simply attribute it to the drunk state they were all in. Dhruv almost shares the news with their parents but Kavya stops him, insisting they wait for a better moment in the morning when they’re well-rested.

Kavya isn’t able to fall asleep due to her excitement and convinces Dhruv to head out somewhere with her. They take the car out for a drive and choose to treat themselves to some milkshakes.

On their way, Dhruv begins to experience some discomfort in his stomach and they stop off at a chemist to pick up some medicine.

Discussing the future

At the chemist’s, they begin to delve into the details of married life and everything that’s involved. They discuss the prospect of having children and whether they would consider it in the future.

They also go over hypothetical scenarios and share what they would do in that particular event. For instance, they bring up the possibility of divorce or an untimely death with Dhruv stating that he would not like to get divorced because he lacks the conviction to start the process of falling in love all over again.

They decide to head back home but their car is boxed in and they end up falling asleep in the car.

Making it official

Dhruv and Kavya finally make it back home and break the news to their parents who are absolutely overjoyed with this news.

They all dress up in their best outfits and have a more formal event to celebrate the engagement in the presence of their near and dear ones. Dhruv’s mother questions whether it is now okay to start planning the wedding now that their engagement is official.

The final scene displays a countdown timer, according to which, their wedding is 6 months, 12 days and 3 hours away. With this, the series comes to a close.

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