Lisa Trammell: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained

Lisa Trammell is a restaurant owner who meets Mickey Haller and immediately strikes up a close relationship with him until she has to hire him to defend her against a murder charge. The character is portrayed by Lana Parilla.

Mickey takes Maggie to a popular restaurant so that they can talk about the situation between them, but after Maggie leaves in frustration, the head chef, Lisa Trammell, checks in on Mickey.

Mickey ends up spending the night with her but gets a visit from her the next day at his office. She approaches him for legal aid because she received a temporary restraining order filed against her by Mitchell Bondurant, a huge building developer who is buying up property.

Lisa meets Mickey once more to figure out the fine details of her restraining order because she is worried that they might use it to keep her out of her restaurant and home. However, something much occurs that requires Mickey’s attention.

Lisa contacts Mickey from jail after she is arrested for allegedly killing Mitchell Bondurant. Mickey decides to take on the case pro bono, but the cards are stacked heavily against him in the case.

More than meets the eye

Lisa stood up against Mitchell Bondurant for trying to rid her area of it’s culture and put in high rises in their places but she was not always forthcoming to Mickey about the level to which she fought back.

She was accused of being violent and aggressive towards him, but while she denies it, Cisco finds photographic proof that she attacked Bondurant at one point.

Lisa Trammell: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained 1
Lisa Trammell hires Mickey as her lawyer to prove that she’s innocent

Lisa also trusts Henry Dahl and lets him go ahead with his plans to negotiate the rights to her story despite Mickey’s refusal to allow that. Her admissions to Henry about Bondurant’s character during a previous interview shed an unappealing light on her.

Finally, whenever Mickey asks Lisa about her ex-husband, she tries to change the topic and not bring up her relationship. He insists that her ex could provide character testimony in favor or against her and it is important to know where he stands.

Her ex does ultimately contact Mickey but he tells the lawyer that he doesn’t want to get involved in her drama. When Lisa’s gardening gloves are found Bondurant’s blood on them, Mickey worries that he won’t have a way to get out if it.

It also raises severe doubts about Lisa as she isn’t convincing enough in her denial, especially since she’s been withholding things from him since the beginning.

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