Lindsay Thompson: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained

Lindsay Thompson is a substitute teacher at Sherman Oaks who helps Paxton figure out his way as a faculty member in his old school. The character is played by Geneya Walton.

Dr. Keys thought AP Literature at Sherman Oaks but after falling in shock following Devi’s public outburst, Lindsay Thompson is brought in as her substitute.

She has the youthful exuberance of a teacher who hasn’t yet experienced the pressures of teaching and she instantly connects with Paxton due to their similar ages. She even tries to set up a student hotline to help students that might be in need.

Lindsay asks Paxton how he feels about the difference between being at school as a faculty member as compared to being a student but Paxton insists he still commands the same kind of respect he used to.

A wake-up call

Lindsay tries to make Paxton realize that he cannot have it both ways but he is adamant on clinging on to his past because he’s not certain about his future.

When Paxton catches one of the students making fun of him, he threatens that student in a blatant abuse of power and station and Lindsay notices this. He ignores faculty events to have fun with his friends and Lindsay calls him out on it.

Paxton calls some students over to his place to hang out but they spread the word and it eventually turns into a party. Lindsay shows up because a student called her asking her to drive them home.

She tells Paxton that she will not rat him out for throwing a party with underage drinking taking place but she does tell him to get his act together.

Paxton eventually buckles down and makes things right with Lindsay. They are both chaperones during the prom and when asked why she wanted to be a teacher, Lindsay says that when she was a child, her parents weren’t always around and it was a teacher that helped her through the difficult times.

Lindsay Thompson: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained 1
Lindsay and Paxton become a couple

He then asks her out on a date and she agrees. They even attend Nirmala’s wedding together as Devi’s guests.

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