Lin Tzu-ching: Marry My Dead Body character explained

In Marry My Dead Body, Lin Tzu-ching is an officer working alongside Ming-han at the Gia-Gun precinct. Tzu-ching works hard to prove to everyone that she is not just a pretty face. Gingle Wang plays Lin Tzu-ching.

Lin Tzu-ching is a hardworking, ambitious, and capable cop who is struggling to make her mark. The reason she doesn’t get much action on the field has a lot to do with her pretty face.

Tzu-ching is more often assigned PR work to appeal to people. She is sometimes invited to stick corsages on ranking officers who are promoted.

Tzu-ching’s struggles

Tzu-ching despises the fact that, even in this day and age, people like to corner a capable woman like her into doing more simple work. Many cops at the precinct have a huge crush on her, including Ming-han.

However, she remains cold towards most of them, as they want to be with her just because she is beautiful. When it hurts their egos, they don’t even praise her achievements; they just assume that she slept with someone for that win.

Tzu-ching Marry My Dead Body
Tzu-ching asks not to be treated like she is helpless

Tzu-ching dismisses men like these, claiming that they can’t satisfy anyone. Though Ming-han has a crush on her, they butt heads more often than not because Tzu-ching doesn’t like Ming-han’s selfish and homophobic nature.

Over the course of the movie, Ming-han changes and attempts to stand up for her, but she stops him because she wants to prove herself on her own and doesn’t want to be treated like she is helpless.

Tzu-ching’s past and her secret

Tzu-ching is revealed to be the mole working for Lin Hsiao-yuan. She is the one who made the footage of Mao-mao’s hit-and-run disappear and has been helping Hsiao-yuan find an escape every time cops come close to catching him red-handed.

Tzu-ching stays by Hsiao-yuan’s side only until he plans to skip town with his money. Once she gets her hands on his money, she turns on him. Tzu-ching then discloses that she has been plotting this revenge since she was a kid.

Tzu-ching lost her mother and ended up on the streets because her mother overdosed on the drugs provided by Hsiao-yuan. After telling Hsiao-yuan who she is, she tells him that she is going to escape with his money while he will pay for manufacturing drugs and killing Mao-mao.

Hsiao-yuan claims that he doubted her when her tips came late, and he can’t believe she can be this deceitful. Tzu-ching then boasts that she is just a pretty face, which is a perfect disguise.

Before leaving, she meets a tied-up Ming-han, who has learned what she has done from Mao-mao, and is surprised to find out that he knows what happened between her and Hsiao-yuan. She tells Ming-han to watch her PR videos if he ever misses her and leaves a key for him to break free.

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