Let’s Get Divorced summary and ending explained

Let’s Get Divorced follows a married couple who wants to get divorced, but it is not easy for them to get separated when their circumstances do not allow it. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Yui and Taishi Shoji have been married for five years and do not have any children yet. Taishi is a newly elected congressman who took over his father’s seat in Congress. However, Taishi keeps messing up. His scandals include his affair with a woman named Mimata Sakurako.

A glimpse into their relationship tells us that as Taishi’s popularity fell, Yui’s rose. Yui is an actress who is best known for playing a character called Mikochan. She made a name for herself by playing the role of a good wife in dramas and still does a lot of commercials that portray that image.

Yui and Taishi fell in love years ago. Initially, Taishi’s parents did not approve of the match, but Yui’s sincerity won Taishi’s father over, and the couple got married. Yui was a supportive wife, but it was hard for Taishi to understand her work, which involved shooting romantic scenes with other men.

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He also started doubting everything about their relationship when he realized that his wife was a good actor and can fake emotions easily. His ego was hurt, so he ended up cheating on her. Yui has been angry with him since then, and they are no longer happy with each other. 

One day, Yui meets a strange man named Kyoji and starts liking him. She then decides to ask Taishi for divorce, who has also had the same thing on his mind. Taishi believes that people only see him as Mikochan’s husband and nothing else.

The two of them agree to get divorced, but their situation is more complicated than that. If Yui gets divorced, she will have to pay a penalty of 800 million yen, as that will be a breach of her commercial contracts. 

Furthermore, Yui’s mother never married and had seven children with different men. Yui’s family gets financial help from the Shojis. Due to this, Yui’s mother does not want her to get divorced, but she later supports her daughter’s decision when she realizes that Yui can support them on her own.

Taishi’s mother will also not allow the couple to separate, as Taishi’s career benefits greatly from Yui’s popularity. She becomes even more stubborn about it when the House of Representatives is dissolved and elections are announced.

Yui finds out that Taishi is sleeping with Mimata once again, which makes her angry. On the other hand, Yui has been seeing Kyoji. Taishi’s secretary takes pictures of them together, and Taishi’s mother uses these pictures to get Yui to stay with her son until the elections are over.

Taishi does not know about the pictures, but he still asks Yui for help, and the two of them decide to be a team for the next 40 days. Taishi’s main opponent in the elections is going to be Soda, a candidate who has never lost an election. 

Soon, Taishi finds out that Mimata has joined Soda’s party and is now going to fight the elections to be a representative. On top of that, he also comes to know about Yui and Kyoji’s affair.

While Soda knows how to get the people of Ehime to listen to him and accept him, Taishi fails to impress anyone. Taishi’s father had built BSL-4, an experimental facility to classify viruses, in Ehime, but he was not able to make it functional. With time, Taishi gets inspired to work hard and make his father’s dream come true. 

At the same time, Taishi and Yui grow close while campaigning together. Yui then finds out that she is pregnant, and it is Taishi’s child because she has not slept with Kyoji. When she tells Kyoji about it, he tells her that he is ready to raise the child as his own.

Taishi’s mother uses the news of Yui’s pregnancy to get Taishi more supporters. When Mimata learns about the pregnancy, she feels angry and humiliated, so she decides to leak the news about Taishi cheating on Yui with her again.

Yui responds to the news by leaking the news about her own affair to the media, which results in a huge scandal. As Taishi starts losing the support of the voters, his mother asks him and Yui to announce their divorce to get things under control.

However, while making the announcement, Taishi realizes his mistakes and publicly admits that he does not want to divorce Yui. Yui does not want to leave him either, so she decides that they will stay together only if Taishi wins the elections, and the two of them request people to vote for him.

Yui also comes to the realization that Kyoji is a regular man and breaks up with him. Kyoji still supports Taishi and promises Yui that he will make Taishi win the elections. Kyoji keeps his word and tries to improve Taishi’s public image.

Yui also lends Taishi her full support and helps him win public favor once again. Taishi then decides to fight on his own and not use his wife’s popularity to win. Due to this, Yui finally wraps up Mikochan.

Mikochan’s character was greatly loved by the people of Ehime, and they refuse to listen to Taishi because he cheated on Yui. Taishi then changes his approach. Instead of giving speeches, Taishi asks people to talk to him. By doing that, he not only gets popular but also learns a lot.

He is now able to debate with Soda publicly without getting outsmarted by him. Taishi also takes responsibility for not treating Mimata well and apologizes to her for being inconsiderate. Mimata, who is now getting recognized as a champion for women’s rights, forgives him.

Let’s Get Divorced ending explained in detail:

Do Taishi and Yui get divorced?

Despite working so hard and doing everything in his power, Taishi loses to Soda by less than a hundred votes. It breaks his heart, but he still thanks everyone who stood by his side through thick and thin, and his team cheers for him.

When Taishi and Yui are left alone, he shows her the divorce form that they had both filled out. Yui tells him that they should go and file it, and Taishi does not argue. The two of them remember their good memories and file the form. Taishi and Yui finally get divorced.

What happens to Taishi and Yui’s son?

Taishi’s mother is not ready to accept the fact that Taishi and Yui are now divorced. She wants to raise Taishi and Yui’s child, but Yui refuses to let her raise her child to be a politician, as she believes that politics spoiled Taishi’s character. 

Taishi supports Yui’s decision, and Taishi’s mother eventually comes around. Yui gives birth to a boy, and he is named Yoji. Although Yui has Yoji’s custody, it is Taishi’s mother who takes care of him because Yui has to be away for work a lot.

Do Taishi and Yui get back together?

Three years after Yoji’s birth, Taishi prepares for his political comeback. While he learns and grows as a politician more than he ever did before, he has to face financial problems because he is unemployed. 

On the other hand, Yui continues to grow popular; she gains international recognition. One night, Taishi and Yui discuss their divorce. While Taishi admits that he realized he was in love with her before they got divorced, Yui admits that if she ever marries again, she would like to marry him.  

However, Yui believes that their marriage was wrong and that things would be better if they do not get remarried. Nothing happens between them, and Taishi ends up leaving her apartment that night with him and his son crying for each other.

Does Taishi win the election in 2026? 

As election time nears, Soda starts parroting Taishi’s words regarding BSL-4. He sells the facility to a private company, and Taishi finds out that Soda is getting paid by the company because he sold the facility for a small sum and is getting a share of the company’s profits in exchange.

Taishi tells Kyoji about it, who is no longer an unemployed artist; he is a blogger who covers elections. With his help, Taishi is able to get the news out, and Soda has no choice but to leave his party and resign his seat in Congress.

Taishi becomes a competent politician who now has several supporters. Additionally, Yui dresses up as Mikochan and comes to support him at the end of the campaign. This time, Taishi wins the election all on his own.

While Taishi works hard to fulfill his promises to the people of Ehime and make their lives better, Yui finds love again. Taishi also takes care of Yoji four days a week and believes that it is possible to rebuild one’s life.

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