Laura Silva: Gangs of Galicia character explained

Laura Silva, played by Melania Cruz, is still paying the price for her father’s betrayal of José Padín, even years after he left. 

When Laura was young, her father, Silva, learned that his wife, Berta, had been cheating on him and that Laura was not his daughter but his business partner José Padín’s daughter. 

This revelation led Silva to turn against José. He testified against him in court, resulting in José being sentenced to prison. 

While Laura’s father fled town, Laura and her mother were left behind to face the consequences of his actions, ostracized and labeled as traitors.

Befriending Ana

Years after her father’s betrayal, Laura is still a pariah, making it impossible for her to form meaningful relationships. 

People either look at her with contempt or pity. Laura and her mother are treated with disrespect, which they endure with their heads down.

José is soon to be released from prison, and to prove to people that he never forgets the wrong done to him, he targets Laura and Berta’s bar, their source of livelihood.

At the same time, Ana comes to town to learn more about her father’s past. Ana knows that Laura is her half-sister, but she keeps that information from Laura. 

When Laura realizes that Ana might be the only lawyer in town who is not working for the Padín gang, she asks for her help to save the bar.

Gangs of Galicia Laura Silva
Laura and Berta seek Ana’s help

Ana strikes a deal with Daniel and prevents him from bidding on the bar, resulting in the City Council renewing Berta’s concession. 

A grateful Laura then grows close to Ana. She talks to her about her father and reveals that she is certain he is dead.

It is through Laura that Ana tries to learn more about that part of her father’s life he never revealed to her or her mother.

Refusal to live in fear

Even when Laura and Berta witness the Padín gang committing crimes, they refuse to testify against them, not wanting to repeat Silva’s mistake. 

Laura only wants to protect herself and her daughter, but this frustrates María, who does not want to let the gang get away with their crimes. 

When Laura learns that María is dating Marco, she tries to get her daughter to break up with him but does not succeed. 

Laura’s attempts to keep her daughter safe by not speaking up against the gang fail, as María becomes an unfortunate victim in a shootout. 

María’s death changes Laura, who realizes that her family should have left town instead of living with resentment and fear for all these years.

Laura then encourages Marco to leave, but Marco wants to get revenge for María’s death. To do that, he seeks Laura’s help. 

Laura, no longer willing to live in fear of the gang, contacts Naranjo on Marco’s behalf and passes on information about the gang’s next big operation, disregarding her mother’s warnings.

Eventually, Muñiz, the corrupt officer who works for Daniel, finds out about Laura working with a police informant and nearly kills her while interrogating her. 

To protect Laura, Berta kills Muñiz. Now, Laura and Berta are in serious trouble for killing a police officer as well as defying the gang, and this time, Ana will not be there to save them.

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