Lala’s death in Mirzapur season 3 explained

Lala is arrested by Maurya and he meets his end as the battle for Mirzapur rages on.

Lala is sent to prison after the raid at his place but he continues to conduct business and hold heavy influence within.

When Ramakant enters the prison, Lala offers to help the lawyer but Ramakant says he doesn’t want to be beholden to the drug lord.

Sharad attempts to make a deal with Lala and secure his opium and in exchange, Lala wants to get bailed out.

His release is being delayed by the Madhuri as part of her tough-on-crime initiative and Lala feels betrayed because Guddu is roaming free.

Dangerous business

Sharad and Lala come to an agreement but Madhuri isn’t ready to let Lala out so easily. Shabnam convinces her father that working with Guddu is the better option.

She makes a deal with him on Lala’s behalf and when Sharad finds out, Lala tells him that he couldn’t uphold his end so Lala switched allegiances.

During all this, a young man named Rahim is thrown in prison after publicly insulting a minister with his poetry.

He grows close to Ramakant and shows that he is a clever young man who can achieve so much.

Ramakant is able to secure the release of several prisoners. They have a program to celebrate that day and Rahim performs some of his poetry.

Lala compliments his talent and wishes him well but when he turns, Rahim stabs him in the neck until he’s dead.

He is taken to solitary and Sharad takes responsibility for the attack because he wanted to sabotage Guddu’s supply.

Ramakant asks Rahim why he threw his life away like that and Rahim says that he just wanted to take care of his family as he had lost hope for himself while he was inside.

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