Lady Chatterley’s Lover ending explained: Does Constance leave Clifford for Oliver?

In the romantic drama movie ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, an unhappily married aristocrat starts a passionate relationship with the gamekeeper on her husband’s countryside estate. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Constance Reid marries aristocrat Clifford Chatterley, and she begins preparations for the evening festivities. Constance’s sister Hilda queries her about her happiness following the nuptials and expresses her desire for Constance to be happy. 

Almost shortly after, Clifford is sent out to fight in the Great War and returns crippled. Since Clifford is paralysed from the waist down and requires round-the-clock care, they relocate to his estate in the countryside.

Constance begins tending to him and taking care of everything.

Clifford divulges his hobbies and denies having sex with Constance as she attempts to get close to him. Constance is dismayed by this, but Clifford assures her that things will soon be fun at Wragby.

When they begin hiring new employees for Wragby, Clifford meets Oliver Mellors, a potential employee who wants to work in gamekeeping on their estate.

Although Clifford becomes more capable of doing some tasks on his own, he is constantly preoccupied with writing his novel. Constance begins to long for the life she led in London because of how quiet the estate seemed to her.

Clifford suggests that Constance invite Hilda to the estate when she informs him that she wants to visit London to meet Hilda. Constance is even resisted by Clifford from doing everything she desires in that large mansion. 

Constance is asked to accompany Clifford to a location outside the estate where he used to spend hours and enjoy the best views in the midlands.

From the hilltop, Clifford informs Constance that he desires for an heir and therefore, he advises her to take on a lover—obviously not for sexual pleasure, but rather to become pregnant. 

Hilda clashes with Clifford when she visits Constance at the estate because she is upset to find Constance in such poor shape.

Constance is ordered by Hilda to contact Mrs. Bolton so she may visit the estate and take care of Clifford.

Clifford asks Constance to meet Oliver when she is taking lengthy walks outside and enquire if the pheasants have started laying.

After meeting with Oliver, Constance enquires about him to Mrs. Flint.

Constance learns that Bertha Coutts, his wife, had extramarital affairs with other men while he was abroad fighting in wars. 

Constance starts visiting Oliver’s hut, once she gets the key to the place from Oliver. They started spending time together and getting along more as their relationship grows more heated.

On the other hand, the majority of Clifford’s time is spent talking with business partners about the demonstrations breaking out in the local mines. 

Constance learns she is pregnant with Oliver’s child and tells Mrs. Bolton that she still believes she will one day be able to have a child with Clifford since he is getting better.

The rumour that Wragby would soon have an heir circulates and ultimately reaches Clifford.

Oliver is outraged and accuses Constance of manipulating him to have a kid when she reveals to him that she is expecting and wants to raise it as her and Clifford’s. 

Constance goes to Oliver and explains everything and tells him that she wants to build a life with Oliver when Clifford later tries to bother him.

Constance tells Hilda about her relationship with Oliver during Hilda’s second visit. When Hilda learns that Oliver is a gamekeeper, she accuses her of confusing sex with love and claims that Constance made the wrong choice in selecting the right man.

Before Constance leaves with Hilda to Venice for a short stay with her father, she introduces Oliver to Hilda. Hilda is concerned for Constance’s future if she and Oliver decide to settle down.

When Constance reveals her pregnancy to Hilda, at the same time, Constance’s affair with Oliver is spread by Oliver’s brother-in-law when he finds Constance’s book in Oliver’s place.

Clifford also learns about Constance and Oliver’s relationship in the end. Oliver is exiled from his home. As soon as Constance returns from London, the women in the hamlet start to shun her. 

Before Oliver leaves the place, he promises Constance that they will share their lives together when the right time comes.

Mrs. Bolton requests that the women in the neighbourhood pass on Constance’s message to Oliver, telling him that Constance loves him and wants him back, no matter where he is.

Constance receives a letter from Oliver when she is in Venice after several months. She takes Hilda’s car and goes to meet him.

He finally arrives from behind and embraces her after she walks around a field screaming out his name.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover ending explained in detail:

Why did Clifford and Constance move away from London?

After suffering a dreadful war injury, Clifford takes on a more melancholy appearance and begins to use a wheelchair.

Constance, who is being addressed as the new ‘Lady Chatterley’, joins Clifford at Wragby, his expansive countryside family estate that was abandoned once his father died of heart attack. 

Constance makes an honest effort to modify her ideal of their union as a couple by assuming a dual role of carer and lover.

At the same time, Clifford thinks of expanding the short story he had written in Cambridge into a novel.

Constance informs Hilda in a letter that both Clifford and Wragby require a great deal of care. They have also employed a large workforce, who have tastefully renovated the location.

How does Oliver join Wragby gamekeeping?

During interviewing people to work for the estate, Clifford learns that Oliver served as an army Lieutenant during the war and was impressed with him.

He claims that the war has destroyed his life and that he does not wish to return to the front.

He lives in a little cabin on Chatterley’s land after divorcing his wife, who cheated on him while he was at war. 

How do Constance and Oliver fall in love?

One day, Constance finds it challenging to push Clifford’s wheelchair when he asks her to take him outdoors, so he may join her walks.

Clifford tells Oliver to assist Constance in pushing the wheelchair as he travels that way. 

She quickly feels a connection to Oliver once Clifford introduces Constance to the new gamekeeper at their mansion. She catches a glimpse of Oliver taking a shower one day as she walks past his house.

Constance becomes mesmerised by Oliver’s machismo, tender touch, and undeniable physical allure after she begins frequenting his house.

Once, Clifford asks her to get pregnant by another man in order to have an heir for his family, the Chatterlys, Constance finds Oliver as the right person. 

She first contemplates using Oliver to conceive without taking into account his emotions. But for them both, their connection and sensuality turn into a near-religious epiphany. 

Why are the miners protesting

After dabbling in fiction writing, Clifford devotes his time to mercilessly exploiting the remaining workers and increasing profits at his colliery by firing some of them.

One day, Constance visits the nearby village and finds miners protesting and police beating them up. 

Constance was aware that Clifford’s colliery workers toiled and sweated to build the Wragby estate. Clifford thinks that because he is from a higher class, he should be in charge of the working class.

Naturally, Clifford’s entire being shouts that he views himself as superior to others, and he makes this point explicit multiple times as well to Constance.

He specifically refers to the mine employees as being on a lower level than him and says that they should be treated like farm animals that need to be herded.

Constance charges Clifford with forcing the populace to either labour for 2 pounds per week or starve to death.

Does Constance decide to live with Oliver?

Oliver accuses Constance of manipulating his love for her when she confesses to being pregnant by Oliver and wanting to raise the kid as her and Clifford’s.

He accuses her of using him for her personal gain, much like his ex-wife who is living with another man. 

When Oliver is banished from the place of Clifford once Clifford came to know that he had a relationship with Constance, he runs away to Scotland.

While working in the local mines there, Oliver told everyone he met at the pub how he met Constance and fell in love with her.

Before bringing Constance and their infant into his life, he wanted to get his life in order. Finally, Constance chooses to meet him when she receives a letter from him, and they decide to share their lives.

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