Prince Kuranga: Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre character explained

Prince Kuranga of Ede, a formidable warrior and ruler, meets his end at the hands of Bashorun. In Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre, Uzee Usman plays Kuranga.

Since Prince Kuranga started overseeing Ede and its surrounding provinces, the kingdom of Ede has become powerful.

When Bashorun tries to build a military outpost on their land, Kuranga’s fierce warriors defeat Bashorun and his men.

Oyo and Ede once enjoyed friendly relations, but tensions have been escalating between them recently. 

Ever since the former King of Ede forged an alliance with Hassan, Ede became an enemy to every kingdom, including Oyo. 

In efforts to safeguard their populace from the slave trade, Ede is denying passage to merchants and shutting down its trade routes, creating difficulties for the merchants of Odo.

Due to the steps taken by Kuranga, Bashorun dislikes him and resolves to defeat him someday. Surprisingly, the opportunity arises sooner than expected.

Kuranga’s marriage to Princess Omowunmi

With people from distant lands posing a threat to their kingdom, the King of Oyo is advised to join forces with Kuranga to keep Oyo safe.

Despite Bashorun’s dislike of Kuranga, the King chooses to extend an invitation to him, prioritizing the security of their kingdom over Bashorun’s objections. 

Kuranga accepts the invitation and agrees to strengthen the ties between the two kingdoms. Kuranga receives a warm welcome from the people of Oyo.

There, the King’s daughter, Princess Omowunmi, catches Kuranga’s attention, and Kuranga asks for her hand in marriage.

The King agrees to let Kuranga marry his daughter, even though Omowunmi is already engaged to Bashorun’s son, Awolaran.

The fact that the enemy he could not defeat is now going to marry his son’s fiancée infuriates Bashorun; he is ready to go to extreme lengths to harm Kuranga.

Omowunmi is delighted to marry Kuranga, as she had always desired a partner like him. Her love for Awolaran, who is very different from Kuranga, has been purely platonic.

Bashorun refuses to allow their marriage to proceed smoothly. He publicly challenges Kuranga to fight Awolaran for Omowunmi’s hand.

As Kuranga is a proud warrior, he agrees to fight Awolaran when Bashorun provokes him, unaware that Bashorun intends to make Awolaran cheat.

Bashorun wants Awolaran to use a lethal powder against Kuranga. Awolaran, unwilling to go to such extremes, is defeated by Kuranga, just as everyone had expected.

Seeing her friend being humiliated upsets Omowunmi, so Kuranga decides to apologize to Awolaran for Omowunmi’s sake.

However, he never gets the opportunity to do that, as he overhears Kuranga rebuking Awolaran. Kuranga then marries Omowunmi.

Aníkúlápó Rise of the Spectre Kuranga
Kuranga marries Omowunmi

Kuranga dies twice

Bashorun, who has been humiliated by Kuranga too many times to let go of his grudge, has Kuranga killed on his wedding night. 

Upon learning of Kuranga’s death, his family travels to Oyo, jeopardizing the friendly relations between Oyo and Ede. 

The King’s chiefs deceive Kuranga’s family into believing that he is alive, and Bashorun promises the King to resurrect Kuranga and prevent war if the King agrees to his terms. 

Bashorun forces Saro to resurrect Kuranga, unaware that he no longer has that power. To save himself, Saro seeks the ghosts’ help.

One of the ghosts possesses Kuranga’s body and makes everyone believe that he has come back to life. Kuranga then returns to Ede with his family, without Omowunmi.

The ghost possessing Kuranga’s body does not eat, drink, or speak. Kuranga’s strange behavior continues until he reaches Ede.

Upon arriving at the palace, the ghost leaves Kuranga’s body, and Kuranga is pronounced dead once again. 

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