Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight season 3 summary and ending explained

In season 3 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Po, and the others attempt to finish their mission of destroying the Tiangshang weapons. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Po and his friends are traveling to London to destroy the Tiangshang weapons when they run into the Pirate Queen Forouzan. She takes them to Candlelight Cove where Mr. Ping is to face a trial for his crimes as a pirate.

Rukhmini, Akna, and Colin scour the Pirate code and invoke the Tournament of Certain Doom to save Mr. Ping’s life. They manage to win the tournament and convince Forouzan to let them go but Colin summons the Knights of England to the cove.

The Knights arrive with Sir Drake but they ransack the island and Colin isn’t treated with respect. Po and Blade realize that the weapons will not be safe with them so Mr. Ping and Forouzan escape with them while the others are arrested and taken to London.

When they reach London, they escape and make it to the Queen to find out who gave Alfie the mission of destroying the weapons. She sends them to Festermouth where they meet Duncan, an old mage who told Alfie about the weapons.

He says that they can only be destroyed in the lost city of Tiangshang which lies somewhere below London and has a marked entrance. Blade is sure that the information will be in Alfie’s journal so they head back to House Landreth.

Blade isn’t excited to be back there because she has a complicated relationship with her mother, Lucinda. They find the journal and head out to the city to find where the entrance is.

They are led to a catacomb and eventually locate the city and the forge where the weapons were made but Lucinda follows them and reveals that she was going to turn Blade over to Sir Drake for her own safety.

They also discover that Alfie turned the other storm wheel into his sword, which is with Sir Drake now. They devise a plan to get it back from him while Po waits for his father to arrive with the weapons.

Forouzan wants to retire and stops off at Mage Island where they meet the other mages but Klaus saves their lives. Veruca finds herself in London and decides to follow the trail of the bears.

The Dragon Knights get their hands on all the weapons and head to Tiangshang but they are followed by Sir Drake. Just when Drake has them cornered, Veruca shows up and takes control of all the weapons.

She summons the ancient army, including Alfie since he was killed by his own sword. Alfie fights Blade and knocks her out before going toe to toe with Po.

Po then distracts Veruca long enough for Alfie to regain control of his mind and kill her. Everyone celebrates and Po hands all the weapons to Alfie so that he can destroy them.

However, Alfie uses all the weapons to unite the continents and create a peaceful Pangea. Blade and Lucinda plead with him to stop but they are unable to change his mind.

Everyone goes their separate ways to check if their loved ones are alright. They reconvene after some time with a plan to defeat Alfie by concluding the ancient masters are still present within the elements.

To bring them out, they need an ancestor of the ancients, and Klaus Dumont is the last one left. Alfie finds out about their plan and tries to stop them but Po and the others get to Klaus first.

Po helps Klaus focus and find his hidden wind power. They make their way to the stone monster where they commune with the ancient masters who say that they need Master Mastodon as well to destroy the weapons.

They ask the emperors of China and England to start a faux war to distract Alfie so that they can steal at least one weapon from him and get Mastodon out from under his control.

They make their way to the battlefield for one final conflict.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight season 3 ending explained in detail:

How do they defeat Alfie?

Everyone does their best to distract Alfie and get their hands on one of the weapons while he sends his ancient army after Klaus to ensure the Masters aren’t summoned.

All the while, Po and Blade try to convince Alfie that what he’s doing is wrong. He doesn’t see it though and even strikes his own mother down.

Finally, the Masters are summoned but they say that it’s too late because the elements are in chaos and no one can stop it. Alfie realizes the error of his ways and lays down his weapons.

How do they save the world?

Po figures out that in the same way, the ancient masters used their powers together to hide the weapons and split the continents by accident, they can split the continents on purpose with their combined power.

Every single one of them wields one of the Tiangshang weapons and with the Ancient Masters, they successfully destroy the weapons and bring peace to the planet.

What lies in the future for everyone?

With peace back to the land, everything goes back to normal. Colin is appointed the Master of War in England, while Rukhmini and Anka go back to their homes to live life as they dreamed.

The Ancient Masters’ souls are at peace and they finally move on, and Mr. Ping and Forouzan take their business on the road thanks to the global fame they have now.

Po and Blade continue to hang out as best friends, enjoying their lives since they don’t have a mission at hand for the first time in a long time.

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