Kota Factory season 2 summary and ending explained

TVF’s highly acclaimed engineering comedy-drama, Kota Factory, has made its way to Netflix with a brand new season that churns out a fresh wave of relatability and learning like its predecessor.


Season 2 kicks off with Vaibhav (Mayur More) excited about his admission in Kota’s premier coaching institute, Maheshwari Classes, as he and his new PG mate, Shushrut (Vaibhav Thakkar), get ready for orientation day.

However, the first day at Maheshwari soon pops Vaibhav’s bubble of joy when the owner of the institute lectures them about the harsh reality of competition and their inability of becoming toppers since they joined a year late.

Regardless, Vaibhav puts his preparation for IIT into overdrive while Shushrut questions the desperation of joining the institute when there are other colleges as well.

Luckily, Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) — who has quit Prodigy Classes — decides to open his own coaching institute which is located near Vaibhav’s new residence. Realising that his friend is disturbed, he takes him to Jeetu for guidance.

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There, he runs into his crush Vartika (Revathi Pillai), and his mates from Prodigy, Uday (Alam Khan), Meena (Ranjan Raj), and Meenal (Urvi Singh). Pleasantly surprised to see them, he introduces Shushrut to them and the group heads upstairs to see Jeetu.

The Physics maestro is busy with all the errands for launching his new institute, Aimers, but still finds time to motivate the lot alongside another one of his senior students, Vernali, who wants to opt out of the JEE Advance exam.

The narrative then showcases various problems faced by the students as they try to bring about their A game in preparation for their exams next year. Vaibhav initially struggles to skip his Physics classes at Maheshwari to attend Jeetu’s lectures.

He tries to sneak out and bribe the guard but eventually is called by the owner who, after a subtly heated exchange, allows him to go. Meanwhile, Meena starts skipping classes because he develops an attraction towards Meenal, prompting him to be distracted from studies.

He takes advice from Uday’s medicine studying girlfriend, Shivangi (Ahsaas Channa), to try masturbation but ends up getting addicted to it. Finally, Jeetu has to have a talk with him to get him back on track. Vartika and Meenal too have their own insecurities about underperforming in tests so they start taking a leave of absence whenever there is one.

This too is brought to Jeetu attention who lectures them about facing adversities head-on and being okay with the process of success, which is riddled with setbacks.

Life seems to be going steadily until Vaibhav is diagnosed with Jaundice and Jeetu faces a tough challenge in his quest to successfully launch Aimers.

Do these characters manage to get out of the mess they are in?

Here is the Kota Factory season 2 ending explained in detail:

The mom card

When Vaibhav seems lost and weak in his class, Jeetu advices every student to get tested for deficiencies as they may cause hindrances in exam prep. He also reiterates the importance of hygiene and a healthy diet.

While Uday and Meena have minor Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiencies respectively, Vaibhav is diagnosed with Jaundice. He gets on a strict diet of carbs and fruits but doesn’t seem to be getting better.

This is when Jeetu tells him to call his mom over for a few days to help him with chores while he recovers. Vaibhav is miffed at the thought but calls his mom regardless, who obviously, shows up to help him.

Once there, she cooks good food for him, takes care of his laundry, and even bonds with his friends. Vaibhav’s health improves drastically but he still seems lost. This is when Jeetu snaps him into his senses about not letting mom overstay as that has made him too comfortable and distracted.

Worrying about how to tell his mom to leave without hurting her, he is surprised to see her already packed when he gets home. She tells Vaibhav that she needs to get back to his younger brother and father since he is perfectly fine now.

Elated at how unselfish mothers are, Vaibhav bids her goodbye and promises to himself to give his complete first salary to her.

Aimers in trouble

Throughout the series, the plot focuses on Jeetu facing his own sets of challenges that come alongside launching Aimers. From funding and poster printing to hiring teachers and teaching, he’s got his hands full.

He manages to bring a chemistry teacher, Miss Sarika, onboard and his search for a Maths teacher lands him at his mentor’s house who urges him to hire a Maheshwari teacher, Gagan Rastogi (Rajesh Kumar).

Gagan has a meeting with Jeetu and Sarika, and agrees to join provided he is given a two year contract. Meanwhile, Maheshwari approaches Jeetu and tries to hire him instead with a blank cheque — a tempting offer which he refuses. The boss is impressed with Jeetu and wishes him luck for Aimers.

Jeetu finalises Gagan and asks his friend and Aimers CEO, Bablu, to book an introductory seminar at the same school where Maheshwari holds it. He plans to launch the institute on the day of the JEE Advance result.

Unfortunately, on the day of the seminar, Sarika calls Jeetu and backs out of Aimers which upsets him. Gagan tells him that she has joined Maheshwari and he should have made her sign a contract too instead of offering her partnership.

Jeetu takes the seminar with Gagan but only a handful of parents book an appointment for their children, leaving the future of Aimers in the balance.

Result day

The day of JEE Advance results brings about a polarising mood in Kota. Vaibhav, Meena, and Uday head out to see the situation in the city as their seniors find out whether they made it to an IIT or not.

Vaibhav and Meena are also excited to find out the cut-off marks since they attempted the exam paper as well and scored decent marks. They believe that if they manage to score even half of the cut-off, they’ll surpass it next year.

Meanwhile, Maheshwari Classes proves its prowess once again when All India Rank 1, Utsav Manglani, is revealed to be its student. The institution goes into a celebratory mood and the trio heads there to enjoy.

There, they find out that Utsav has been gifted a BMW 5 series for his achievement which wows them. However, they also realise that despite this amazing feat, there will always be students who face disappointment and won’t reach a level where they are appreciated as much as the person ranking better than them.

Elsewhere, Jeetu, feeling low from his seminar experience heads home to throw the annual party for his students who didn’t make it. He lectures them about failure but brings their mood up and tells them to enjoy the food, drinks, and music.

Vaibhav and Meena are elated to find out that the cut-off was 95 and they scored in 40s and 60s respectively in three hours. However, they are given a harsh reality check by the seniors who reveal to them that since they only attempted questions from class 11, they should’ve done them in half the time.

As the students enjoy the party, Bablu receives a phone call about Vernali attempting suicide after not passing the examination. As he tells Jeetu about it, ambulance sirens can be heard in the background.

The screen then shows a montage of Kota’s various locations over Jeetu’s Voiceover explaining how is afraid of sincere students. He mentions that since they listen to his teachings and preachings without questions, it breaks his heart to face them if they fail.

The screen then cuts to black leaving Vernali’s fate a mystery.

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