Kleks Academy summary and ending explained

In Kleks Academy, a girl named Ada enrolls in a magical academy, unaware that she is destined to save it. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ada Contrary, a twelve-year-old girl, grows up neglected, as her father has been missing for years and her mother is preoccupied with finding him. 

Ada is one of the few selected children who receive an invitation to attend the Kleks Academy, a magical school run by Professor Ambrose Kleks. 

Ada finds out that Professor Kleks is her father’s brother and that both her parents also went to the academy. Her father, Alex Contrary, was a grand master. 

Surprisingly, Ada’s neighbor, a doctor, knows about the academy. Ada only accepts the invitation when he tells her that she can learn to develop her special power and use it to find her father. 

Ada joins the academy and meets the other selected children as well as Professor Kleks, who teaches the children to use their imagination to access the magic inside them. 

Ada befriends a reserved boy named Albert. She helps him cultivate his imagination and fit in with the other students. 

Ada, who barely had any imagination left in her due to her difficult childhood, herself becomes more imaginative and makes friends. 

One night, in the room of Matthew, who works for Professor Kleks, Ada comes across a fairy tale book that tells the story of the academy. 

Ada reads the book and finds out that Matthew, who is now a bird, used to be a human prince. While wandering in the forest at night, he came across the wolfur king. 

Matthew shot him dead when he attacked him. Matthew was also injured in the fight and treated by a doctor named Pai-Hi-Vo, who is none other than Ada’s neighbor. 

Pai-Hi-Vo knew that the wolfurs would come looking for Matthew, so he gave him the cap of Bogd Khans, which would allow him to change his form. 

When the wolfurs attacked, Matthew transformed into a bird and escaped. However, Matthew could not go back to being a human, as he lost a button on the cap. 

He has been hiding in the academy since then. By using the berries that Professor Kleks gives him, Matthew can transform into a human for a few hours a day. 

The wolfurs now know that Matthew is hiding at the academy and are coming for him. Professor Kleks believes that Ada is the only one who can save the academy. 

Alex, Ada’s father, had the power of empathy and harmony, which enabled him to reconcile people who were at odds with each other. 

Professor Kleks believes that Ada has inherited that empathy and harmony from her father. As Ada gets better at using her powers, he gives her Alex’s gloves that allow her to shrink. 

Eventually, the wolfurs come to the academy. Snag, a wolfur girl whom Ada had found and cared for, hears their call and sneaks out. 

Ada follows Snag with Albert and finds out that Snag is a traitor and has been spying for the wolfurs all this time. It is she who helped them infiltrate the academy. 

While following Snag, Albert gets lost, and Ada returns to the academy, where the wolfurs have taken Professor Kleks and the students captive.

Ending explained:

Betrayals and losses

The wolfurs have yet to find Matthew. Snag tells them that they must find Ada, as she knows where Matthew is hiding. 

Ada, along with another student named Natasha, finds Snag and confronts her. It turns out that Snag betrayed all of them to gain the respect of her kind. 

Snag alerts the wolfurs, leading to Ada and Natasha’s captivity. A wolfur witch, who is the sister of the wolfur Matthew killed, tortures Natasha to get Ada to reveal Matthew’s hiding place. 

This leads to Matthew turning himself in to save the students. However, Ada manages to escape using her father’s gloves. 

Ada then goes to find Albert, who is stranded in the middle of a frozen lake. Ada fails to save him, and Albert drowns in the frozen lake. 

Grieving the death of her friend, Ada returns to the academy to read the book in Matthew’s room. The book tells her that the academy’s fairy tale is still being written. 

Ada tries to write the next pages of the story but is found by the wolfurs and sent back home on the orders of the wolfur king. 

Ada’s return

At home, Pai-Hi-Vo makes Ada, who is upset and disappointed, understand that the fairy tale can only be written by her actions. 

As the story has not yet ended, Ada gets to decide how it ends. Ada had earlier seen goodness in the wolfur king, the grandson of the wolfur killed by Matthew.

She contacts the other students and decides to return to the academy with them to save the academy, Professor Kleks, and Matthew.

Pai-Hi-Vo had advised Ada to overcome her fears to find the answers she needs. For the first time, Ada empathically approaches the dog she has always feared. 

By doing so, Ada is able to look into its heart and befriend it using her powers. As she overcomes her fear, she finds the lost button of the cap of Bogd Khans. 

She then returns to the academy with the button and saves a wolfur, who has been injured by a snare. Her kindness changes the wolfur. 

She then witnesses the wolfur witch brainwashing the same wolfur using the power of the Moon. Ada now knows that it is the witch who has been making the wolfurs vengeful. 

Ada, whose imagination is at an all-time high, also saves Professor Kleks using her magic. She reunites him with the other students and comes up with a plan to save Matthew. 

While she instructs some of her friends to use their magic to hide the Moon with the clouds, she herself goes after the wolfur king.

Ada saves the day

The other students and Professor Kleks face the wolfurs. The children manage to fool the wolfurs into leaving the academy. 

Meanwhile, Ada creates a distraction before shrinking to a size not visible to the naked eye. She then goes to attach the lost button to the cap of Bogd Khans. 

The wolfur king, who has been chasing her, finds her then. He knocks her unconscious and takes her to the place where Matthew is to be publicly executed. 

When Ada wakes up, she tries to change the wolfur king’s mind. She looks into his heart and realizes that the witch forced him to become cruel. 

Her pleas to not kill Matthew move him, and he allows her to grant Matthew’s last wish. Ada gives Matthew the repaired cap, and Matthew finally becomes human again. 

Matthew turns into an old man, realizing that his youth passed while he was a bird. Ada then tells the wolfurs that Matthew has already paid the price for his mistake. 

She implores them not to kill him, stressing that it is the witch who wants revenge, not them. Her words inspire a change of heart.

The wolfur king decides to spare Matthew and saves Ada when the witch attacks her. He then tells Ada his name—Vincent. Additionally, he gives her a necklace to use if she ever needs his help. 

Crisis averted, Ada, along with other students, returns home after expressing her love for Professor Kleks, who focuses on rebuilding the academy. 

Ada is no longer a lonely and neglected child. She celebrates her thirteenth birthday with her new friends and her mother. 

Her birthday party ends with a surprise: Albert shows up on her doorstep and reveals that he has machines in place of organs. Furthermore, Ada’s father is alive, somewhere in the mountains.

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