The Kissing Booth 3 ending explained: Do Noah and Elle end up together?

Netflix’s third instalment to the teen romance ‘Kissing Booth’ series marks the end of Elle, Lee and Noah’s journey with a final summer at the beach house before the trio heads off to college.

Kissing Booth 3 follows Elle, Lee and Noah spending their last summer vacation before University at the Flynn’s beach house. 

As Elle makes her choice between the Universities, she and Lee find a ‘Beach Bucket List’ from their childhood. They decide to tick off the list to make ‘their last summer the best summer.’

Elle struggles to juggle her part time job, bucket list duties, and girlfriend duties with a lot on her plate. Especially when past insecurities, Chole and Marco, enter in her and Noah’s lives again.

Does she manage to make it out in one piece?

Here is Kissing Booth 3 ending explained:

The Beach House

‘Kissing Booth 3’ opens with the Flynn parents announcing that they are selling the ‘80-year old family’ beach house. After expressing their disagreement the two teen couples convince the adults to let them spend their summer there as they can help pack things up.

Elle reminisces her childhood memories spent with Lee and Noah at the beach house. In her nostalgia, she makes her decision between the colleges. She chooses Havard to be with Noah.

In the guilt of choosing Havard over the University of California Berkley, Elle suggests Lee to complete the ‘Beach Bucket List’ from their childhood, and thus begins the chaos of their last summer.

However, things get a little tricky when she meets Marco at her job and simultaneously learns that Noah invited Chole to the house.

Too much on Elle’s plate

In the momentum of completing the activities, Elle finds it difficult to manage her work, babysitting her brother, and being there in her relationship. Especially when she meets her dad’s girlfriend at their house.

For a live-action Mario Kart race, Elle and Lee try to convince Noah to dress up but he disagrees. However, to everyone’s surprise, Marco dresses up as one of the missing characters. In jealousy, Noah ends up joining the race which Marco wins at the end.

Things turn a little sour after Marco’s win, more so when Elle ditches Noah’s apology dinner for a bucket list task with Lee, but they make up after Chole urges Noah to try harder.

In the celebratory mood of July 4th, Marco and Noah come face to face again but this time it is in beach volleyball. Noah wins and Marco tries to rile up Noah and even punches him but Noah refuses and walks away.

The Break-up

While cleaning up, Noah finds Elle’s acceptance letter to Berkley. Piling this up with other insecurities, he breaks up Elle claiming that he doesn’t want her to choose something she’ll end up regretting.

After her talk with Noah, she suddenly remembers her promise to meet Lee at the arcade for one last dance-off. But she is too late and ends up fighting with Lee too.

After some days of separation, she meets Lee at the beach party with the rest of her classmates. She comes clean to him about her acceptance letter to Berkley. And informs him of her decision to apply to USC for a video game design course.

Cut to six years later, where we see the characters back at a carnival in front of a kissing booth. As Lee and Elle joke around about the past events that transpired due to a kissing booth, Noah greets them.

‘Kissing Booth 3’ ends with a conversation between Elle and Noah about his job offers in LA and New York. The last shot is of Elle and Noah smiling and waving at each other.


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