Kiss, Kiss! summary & ending explained

Kiss, Kiss! follows a smooth-talking casanova chase after the girl he loves with the help of his brother.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Tomek is a smooth-talking flirt who can’t stay committed to any sort of relationship as he flutters around like a bee at the sight of any new woman he likes. This tendency gets him fired from his job and the woman he risks it all for, Ola, also gets away.

He crashes at his brother Janek’s home, who is enraged to see him since he ran away from home and abandoned it all when things were tough. Tomek manages to convince Janek to let him stay, as well as help him track Ola down. In exchange for it, he’ll help Janek “score” the girl he likes.

They find that Ola is getting married to one of the biggest politicians’ son in two weeks. Tomek grinds gears and finds a way to the girl, which is by securing a gig as a director for the behind-the-scenes shoot of the wedding preparations. Meanwhile, he begins his efforts at wooing Ola out of marrying Kris.

Tomek also helps out Janek win over Klara in the meantime, in his own problematic and absurd ways. A great setback hits the brothers when they get kidnapped by Don Smyra, who happens to be Ola’s father and he wants Tomek to stop his womanizing and let the wedding happen, as it stands to benefit him.

However, a piece of footage that Janek gets a hold of ends up helping out Tomek, who runs off and crashes the wedding at the last second and running off with Ola to their happy-ever-after.

Kiss, Kiss! ending explained in detail:

Do Janek and Klara end up together?

Janek is an anti-social goof who’s great with computers and hacking into stuff, but bad at moving past the ice-cracking stage. He’s in love with a local florist called Klara, and endures all the sneeze attacks he gets because of his allergy to flowers, just so he can interact with her.

Klara is a bit of an oddball like Janek too, and both share these quirky charms they each find so endearing in each other. Klara is also in love with him, but also similarly anxious about moving past the small-talk stage.

Tomek returns to Janek’s life and proposes a deal, wherein he’ll help him get with Klara if Janek helps him find the girl he’s fallen for. However, Tomek’s methods are anything but conventional or realistic. At first, his pick up tactics work, but Klara grows cold feet for some reason and things kind of end abruptly.

The next time, Tomek suits up Janek into a dapper-looking hunk, and plants a girl who acts like his passionate flame, all in order to inspire jealousy in Klara. Up next, he dresses up as a thief and takes off after stealing Klara’s purse. Janek gives chases and catches up, only to realize it’s his brother, who hands him the bag just as two policemen arrive and start beating up Janek for stealing the purse.

Klara arrives to clear the misunderstanding and later nurses his bruises and wounds, which leads to sex. Thereafter, due to Klara becoming Don Smyra’s target due to Tomek and Janek, the latter tries to break things off with her, pretending to be a womanizer who’s moved on from her.

Near the end of Kiss, Kiss! when Klara is harassed by two strangers, Janek saves her and gets beaten up again. She nurses him again and later on, he proposes to her, and she says yes.

Who is Smyra?

Smyra is a most notorious criminal kingpin who’s on his way to the death penalty. Kosecki is the Minister of Justice and a great proponent of death penalty. Smyra was supposed to get out on parole but Kosecki targeted him with a new investigation, prolonging his detention.

Smyra also happens to be Ola’s father, and even though she knows of it, she hasn’t met him ever since he left when she was 11 years old. The Kosecki family doesn’t know of this relationship either.

If Ola becomes a part of the minister’s family, Smyra would become family too, and Kosecki would then have to cease his investigations and free Smyra of the death penalty. This is the reason as to why he kidnaps Tomek and discourages him from womanizing his daughter and sabotaging the marriage.

Ola finally meets him face-to-face and tells him she’s ready for marriage if he lets Tomek go. He not only lets Tomek go but gives his blessings for the marriage when Janek sends him a video of Kris (Kosecki’s son) kissing his lover at a bar, meaning he doesn’t love his daughter.

How do Tomek and Ola get together?

Tomek tries time and again with his casanova ways to get inside Ola’s heart, and finally manages to do so too. However, Smyra’s freedom depends on the success of the marriage.

Ola accepts the helplessness of the situation and goes through with the wedding, to save Tomek. However, Janek happens upon a secret about Kris — he’s gay and in love with Adrian. He makes a video of the two lovers kissing and sends it to Smyra, who lets go of Tomek and gives him his blessing to marry his daughter.

The climax of Kiss, Kiss! sees Tomek running against the clock to the wedding venue and eventually arriving just before they’re about to kiss. He asks Kris to just be out with it and tell Ola that he doesn’t love her. Ola grabs Tomek’s hand and the two run off together, eventually getting onto a bus and driving away.

Before the credits roll, Tomek asks Patsy of three things. The first one is to cancel the marriage and make sure it’s known that it never happened. The second one is to ask Kosecki to let go of Smyra. Finally, he demands that Kosecki withdraws from the next day’s elections, even though he’s won it.

All the demands are met and as Kris marries Adrian, Janek and Klara get engaged, and the Ola-Tomek duo gets to bask in the happy-ever-after, Kiss, Kiss! rolls the credits.

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