Kirk Friedkin: Platonic character explained

In Platonic, Kirk Friedkin gives Sylvia an opportunity to get back to work as a lawyer. Michael Stone plays Kirk Friedkin.

Kirk Friedkin is a partner at Tobey, Friedkin, Kwong, and Zelman. When Sylvia thinks of getting back to work, Charlie attempts to help her by getting her an interview opportunity at Kirk Friedkin’s law firm.

Charlie had talked to Kirk upon learning that his firm is expanding its M&A department. He gives Sylvia Kirk’s card casually, hoping that he is not treating her as a charity case, but even Sylvia realizes how badly she has been doing lately.

Interviewing for Kirk Friedkin

For some reason, interviewing for Kirk Friedkin becomes a big deal for Sylvia, even though her husband has put in a word for her. She tries to give Kirk a call, but in the end, she backs out.

After throwing an amazing divorce party for Will and getting drugged, Sylvia wakes up at Will’s apartment. Will assures her that she can do anything, and this motivates her to give Kirk a call.

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Kirk notices that something is wrong with his portriat

She is unaware that it’s 2:00 a.m. When Will informs her of the time, she quickly cuts the call. Kirk had actually picked up her call. Sylvia thinks that she just ruined her chances of getting this job.

After all the fuss, Sylvia eventually decides to sit for an interview with Kirk, who ends up hiring her.

Getting fired by Kirk

A tired Sylvia, after a long and exhausting day, works late and accidentally pushes Kirk’s portrait at the firm. The portrait gets a crack, and her attempts to fix it only make it worse.

Will comes to her aid. Sylvia and Will rely on one of the artists Audrey knows to fix the portrait. This artist works on the painting and ruins Kirk’s nose area.

The next day, Sylvia hangs the painting back in its place, even though it hasn’t been fixed. Though she takes efforts to make sure that Kirk doesn’t see it, he still notices it.

The HR manager at Kirk’s firm goes through the CCTV footage and finds out that it’s Sylvia’s doing; Sylvia is then fired from the firm.

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