Kiraz: The Tailor character explained

Kiraz is a major supporting character in The Tailor season 2 and plays a very important role in contributing to many of the internal issues that Peyami has gone through in his life.

Peyami Dokumaci is a very accomplished fashion designer. He seems to have everything, but this notion is destroyed very soon as his father, Mustafa, is revealed to be his biggest insecurity and shame.

He also had a mother once, a woman named Kiraz who used to look after Mustafa but after birthing Peyami, she allegedly abandoned Mustafa and her kid, running far away, never to return to check up on her family.

It’s in his adulthood when Peyami is disabused of this narrative that was fed to him by his own family all his life.

The Kiraz Peyami knows about

Growing up, Peyami was often paralyzed with shame and insecurities over his father, Mustafa, a man whose mental growth was stunted and who got stuck at that of a child.

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Peyami would come to feel awful accepting the fact that his father behaves like a child, and his shame and hate for his father would only grow stronger as other kids would tease him about it.

Mustafa The Tailor (Terzi) 2023
Mustafa (Image source: Netflix)

As for his mother, Kiraz, he only ever knew that she abandoned his father shortly after he was born and never returned. All he ever had of his mother was a photograph with Kiraz’s face scratched off.

This narrative, as provided by his grandparents, informed Peyami’s views about his mother, and as he came to hate her, he always wanted to meet her and ask why she ditched her responsibilities and abandoned him and his father.

The Kiraz Peyami looks for

After becoming an accomplished designer and gaining fame and riches, Peyami still lacks a mother and an understanding of why she left him. He tries to look for her through a man that was present in the photograph he’s always had of his mother and father.

However, try as he might, his search for Kiraz would not bear any fruit. He finally tries to get the truth out about her mother from a man who he knows was familiar with his mother. The man lies to him, on Kiraz’s request, and says she abandoned them out of embarrassment.

However, Esvet, who is Peyami’s lover, is determined to find his real mother. She eventually does find out the real identity of Kiraz and helps to reunite her with Peyami, who unleashes his pent-up anger and frustrations of all those years on her.

The Kiraz Peyami meets

At first, Peyami storms off and doesn’t listen to what his mother has to say at all. However, he soon returns to at least pay some heed to her words. That’s when she tells him the truth about what happened to her.

She tells him that she came from a poor family and was sold to the Dokumaci family, where she was arranged married to Mustafa. She cared for him and developed feelings for him, but all that Mustafa’s mother ever wanted was an heir.

To get a grandson, Sülün would abuse and mistreat Kiraz, caring not what’s best for her and Mustafa. She did not care for the genuine love that her daughter-in-law had for Mustafa but only a child. However, Kiraz would not get pregnant, try as she might, and Sülün would disgustingly stand and watch over them.

Finally, when she was convinced, she would kick out her daughter-in-law, who would later realize that she actually did get pregnant after all, and her fears would come true when the family would also learns about it and steal Peyami away from her.

Kiraz could never come back to her son and husband’s life for the fears of Sülün, and only after Peyami’s grandmother’s passing she gets the courage to do so.

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