Kings of Mulberry Street (2023) ending explained: Do Ticky and Baboo save Granny Chetty?

In Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign, Ticky & Baboo have to plan a heist to save Granny Chetty from a vengeful ex-cop. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

It’s September 1993 in the Sugarhill district and Ticky & Baboo are getting ready to go out and have some fun with Granny Chetty. Dev wants to spend some time with his son but Harold (Baboo) pretends to be sick and goes back to his room.

He sneaks out of his house to meet up with Ticky and Granny as they are picked up by Kessie. Granny and her friends are headed to the casino while Baboo wants to attend Leila’s birthday party and woo her. Ticky is going along with him as moral support.

The security guard at the hotel is former Police Commander Veerasamy, who initially lost his job because of the two young boys who exposed him for being corrupt.

He works there with his incompetent son, Marlon, but tries to get a better job by appealing to the owner of the hotel, Russel, who was his former accomplice.

When Reggie dismisses him completely, Veerasamy decides to do something drastic. He noticed Ticky and Baboo entering with Granny so he kidnaps her with Marlon’s help.

He tells the two boys that he will kill her unless they steal a necklace from Russel’s safe. The next morning, Ticky tells Baboo that he will inform his parents but Baboo can’t tell his father because he will go straight to the cops.

At Baboo’s place, Dev tells his son that he’s thinking of enrolling him in a boarding school in Johannesburg and they will be going to check some of them out. Baboo isn’t happy with this news and storms out.

He goes to Ticky’s place where Ticky says he’s already got a plan to steal the necklace. He wants to host a show as a distraction and have Charmaine pretend to be a popular Bollywood star who is performing at the show.

They begin to set their plan in motion, and first on the list of ask Leila for help teaching Charmain how to dance and be a fancy lady. She agrees on the condition that she is a part of the show as well.

Baboo is happy that Leila is going to be a part of the team but Ticky tells him to keep his focus on the plan. Dev has a secret lover he’s been exchanging letters with but he’s keeping it a secret from Baboo.

Granny takes advantage of Marlon’s naivety to get loose but Veerasamy shows up right then. He visits Ticky to make sure they’re not trying anything funny and that’s when Dev and Leila find out what’s really going on.

Dev agrees to be a part of the show so that they can save Granny and he tells his lover that he can’t make it to Johannesburg because his son has been cast in a show.

They successfully convince the hotel manager that they’re popular performers and begin preparing for the show with the help pf all their friends.

Dev’s lover, Nancy, shows up to meet him and watch the show but he has to remain in character not to arouse suspicion and this confuses her. Ticky sees the two of them together and chooses not to tell Baboo.

During their preparations, Leila develops a crush on Ticky and kisses him one night, an act that Baboo witnesses. He doesn’t catch the moment when Ticky pushes Leila back and then walks away.

Baboo also finds evidence of Dev’s love affair with Nancy and feels very dejected. It is finally time for the show as everyone gets ready to pull off this heist and save Granny.

Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign ending explained in detail:

What happens with the heist?

The show begins and everything seems to be going according to plan. Russel is in attendance because he is a fan of exotic dancers and everyone makes sure he is distracted.

His safe key and the hotel universal keycard are lifted and given to Ticky and Baboo so that they can steal the necklace but when they get to Russel’s room, Baboo tells Ticky that he doesn’t want to help because Ticky betrayed him and stole Leila from him.

Ticky tries to reason with his best friend but the guards are alerted to his presence and they take Ticky away without finding Baboo.

Does Baboo forgive his father?

When the guards leave, Baboo gets out and starts packing his stuff from his room. Dev is worried because the children were supposed to be back by then and he finds Baboo leaving.

He asks him what’s wrong and Baboo tells his father that he just wanted to send him to boarding school so Dev could spend time with his new girlfriend.

Dev explains that he was doing what he thought was best for Baboo and he only became friends with Nancy because he’s been feeling lonely. Baboo says there’s no point anymore since he ruined the plan but Dev tells him that there’s always a solution to problems.

Do they salvage the plan?

Baboo lets everyone else know the changes in the plan as he goes to get the necklace. Ticky is in the security room with the guards and he distracts them when he sees Baboo on the screen.

Reggie shows up with some sweets for the guards but the sweets give them severe indigestion and while they’re out of the room, Baboo comes to help Ticky escape.

They leave the hotel after Charmaine pretends to hurt her ankle and Ticky and Baboo hand the necklace over to Veerasamy. However, Granny returns with her friends to teach Veerasamy a lesson.

Russel shows up as well after learning that his necklace is missing but they tie him up with Veerasamy for the police to catch the next day as the necklace was stolen, to begin with.

Ticky and Baboo make peace and promise not to let a girl come in between them ever again. Baboo also agrees to meet Nancy and everyone else lets her attend the party they’re having at Ticky’s place to celebrate.

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