Kings of Jo’burg season 2 ending explained: Does Mo defeat all of his enemies?

In season 2 of Kings of Jo’burg, Mo Masire is taking the reins of the family after the death of Simon but he has enemies from all directions gunning for his head. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Mo Masire has killed his brother Simon and taken on the curse of the mermaid upon himself. He tells the rest of the family that Simon has gone missing and everyone expects Mo to take charge while he’s gone.

An agent named Victor Gaxa walks into the police station and tells Stan that he is fired and Victor will be taking over the Masire case going forward.

Phumzi clears up Mo’s suspicions by claiming that she was a witness in Aliko’s case. She also accepts his marriage proposal and is excited to raise his child together.

Angela wants to know where Simon is and suspects that Mo had something to do with it. Victor recruits a detective by the name of Gail Basia to assist him in the case.

There was a gold heist planned by Simon before he died and Tlotlo and the other kings want to go ahead with it but Mo tells them to stand down. On the day of his wedding, he is visited by Danny Steenkamp who was an old acquaintance of Simon’s.

The gold was supposed to be stolen for Danny and he insists that Mo go ahead with the plan and get what was already promised. He is also visited by Veronica, Simon’s twin, and Mo’s older sister who has appeared in their lives after decades.

Mo and his crew successfully steal the gold while avoiding Victor and the authorities. Tlotlo gets picked up by Zaza who still wants the Masire family to pay for killing her father.

Mo angers Danny after choosing to keep the gold until things cool down. He also finds out Phumzi’s true identity and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her ever again.

Some men attack and kill Mo’s father and he turns the whole town over to find out who did it. Victor seems to be working for someone outside of the authorities and Gail becomes suspicious of him.

Magic Turner goes through Robin’s house and finds an FBI hard drive over there. Phumzi is kidnapped and her kidnapper is revealed to be Aliko Bajo who is still alive.

Veronica appears to be working against Mo in secret and she recruits Magic to her side. Mo rescues Tlotlo and Mimi from Zaza and then has her taken captive and eventually killed.

The mermaid still requires a sacrifice and Mo looks for a way to satisfy her without sacrificing his son. Mo is also attacked by Danny’s men after his own son is murdered, but the mermaid ensures that Mo survives.

Mo’s uncle, Taledi Masire is the mastermind behind all of Mo’s troubles as he’s been working with Veronica, Aliko, Magic, and Victor who is his son. They plan to get the gold from Mo and wipe his family off the map so that Taledi can take over Johannesburg.

Tlotlo sees his father possessed by the mermaid spirit and believes that he isn’t safe with him anymore so he leaves. Simon’s body is eventually found and Mo tells Veronica about Simon’s secret family and how he sacrificed his son for the mermaid.

Glimpses of the past show how the Masire family’s matriarch was afflicted with the mermaid’s curse which eventually killed her and then moved to Simon.

Mo is tired of the threats his family has been facing and wants to end the war once and for all.

Kings of Jo’burg season 2 ending explained in detail:

What does Tlotlo do?

Tlotlo goes to the hospital where his friend Thusi is recovering. Mo tried to have Thusi silenced so that he doesn’t turn state’s witness and when Tlotlo gets to the hospital, he finds Leon there and stops him from killing Thusi.

He and Mimi take him to a different location and ask him where Zaza is and Leon tells them that she’s dead. Mimi holds a gun to his head and orders him to tell the truth but Leon insists that he isn’t lying.

When Mo asks Leon where he was, Leon says that they have a problem with Tlotlo and Mo says they’ll deal with it later.

What is the plan for the gold?

Taledi tells Mo that he’ll hand over Phumzi in exchange for the gold and Mo provides Taledi with the location. Taledi tells Aliko to kill them all once they get the gold, including Veronica.

Mo visits Magic with a USB drive that Robin had left behind which would be useful to him. He wants to discuss business with him and get him to reconsider his alliance with Taledi.

Veronica learns that Taledi was going to betray her after Magic places a recording device and records Taledi ordering the hit. After getting away from the scene, Magic shoots Aliko and Veronica shoots Taledi.

Victor shows up but Gail arrives with the police and arrests Victor for being corrupt and tells Veronica that they still have a deal to fulfill.

What happens with the mermaid spirit?

After ending the war and taking care of their enemies, Veronica visits the mermaid and takes the curse upon herself as Mo is freed. Meanwhile, a witch doctor performs a ritual that turns Aliko into some sort of possessed being as well.

5 years go by and Mo is in in prison for his crimes. Tlotlo and Mimi are married and Phumzi is taking care of her son with Angela’s help.

When Phumzi visits Mo in prison, she talks about how it is pleasing that their son is safe and doesn’t need to look over his shoulder. That’s when Mo notices his son’s eyes glow, suggesting that the curse has passed on to him.

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