Kim Seon-Woo: Behind Your Touch character explained

Kim Seon-Woo, played by Suho in Behind Your Touch, is a major character in the rom-com mystery drama.

From a low-key entrance to making a prominent place in Ye-Bun’s heart, Kim Seon-Woo from Seoul has really won over the vet’s heart without doing much.

Also having a penchant for saving abandoned cats, the store worker stumbles upon the doctor many times, as the latter finds herself more and more in love.

The porcelain man

Bong Ye-Bun is left speechless and gawking at Kim Seon-Woo the first time he meets her. It’s at her clinic where he comes with a cat he rescued off the road.

Ye-Bun is completely mesmerized by his looks and finds his flawless skin to be a wonder to marvel at. Even her aunt finds the man handsome and with a face made out of porcelain.

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Behind Your Touch Kim Seon-Woo
Image source: Netflix

Ye-Bun instantly falls for the man and finds herself unable to look elsewhere when he’s sitting across her or even in the near vicinity. He’s also shown to pick up on these cues and have a thing for the vet as well.

Conveniently distanced

Kim Seon-Woo is a convenience store worker and works not that far from Ye-Bun’s house at the beginning of the show. Soon, he decides to move to a better vantage point.

He moves into Mr. Park’s house and as a tenant, he doesn’t pay rent because it’s canceled by the English lessons he gives to Mr. Park.

Mr. Park’s house is just a few paces away from Ye-Bun’s clinic and Seon-Woo is implied to have moved there to get a better distance between him and Ye-Bun, who he has a thing for now, at least as much is established.

Suspicious flags

As great of a character as he seems to be, Kim Seon-Woo also exudes some suspicious energy. He’s a man of strong emotions when it comes to hating those who are “bad.”

He’s shown to have a ridiculously strong moral compass and wishes those dead who treat animals like crap. He’s shown to wish the abusers death and other bad things, although his idealistic outcomes rarely come to life.

He’s also displayed this behavior in front of Ye-Bun, who has not taken the peculiarity of it into account.

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