Killer Book Club summary and ending explained

Killer Book Club is a horror film about a group of youngsters who are picked off one by one after they were involved in a murder themselves. The movie is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Angela, Sara, Nando, Rai, Sebastian, Koldo, Eva, and Virginia are part of a book club where they pick a novel and then discuss it once they have all finished. Nando is a waiter at a bar and is dating Angela, who goes to university along with the others.

Nando and Sebastian don’t get along because Nando feels that Sebastian is obsessed with Angela. Angela has already written a novel 6 years ago which gave her some fame and her literary professor is keen to see her new work.

Angela considers sending her early drafts to her professor by email but changes her mind. The next day, the professor tells Angela that he got her email and wants to discuss it in his office.

When she goes there, he tries to force himself upon her and she leaves after pushing back. The others in the club hear about it and decide to do something to punish the professor.

Inspired by the book they just finished about a murderous clown, they plan to pull a prank on the professor involving clown outfits. The whole group gets dressed up and terrorizes the professor one night on campus when he’s the only one there.

However, he ends up falling over a railing by accident and gets impaled on a statue. The club decides to keep this a secret even though Angela feels guilty and wants to come clean.

The next day, a stranger posts a link to a novel written online that describes the events of the murder and the author claims that they are going to punish the people who were behind it one by one.

Everyone in the club gets suspicious and wants to find out who might be messing with them. Virginia is the first to go missing as the killer dresses up as the same clown they dressed up and describes how he kills her in the chapter.

They decide to gather in the library and gather clues to figure out who might be responsible for Virginia’s disappearance and the chapters. Doubts are raised about Nando and Angela keeps her distance from him.

Rai is the next one to be murdered outside the club that Nando works at, but his body is never found. Virgina’s body isn’t found either but both murder sites have the message “To Be Continued” written in blood for the others to see.

Koldo promotes the killer’s novel on his social media and points out a public poll on who the next victim should be. Sebastian takes Angela to a safe place where the killer cannot find her.

While they talk, Angela tells him that the inspiration for her first novel came from someone’s real-life story. She met a girl named Alicia online and when she was struggling for ideas, she used Alicia’s life for her own gain.

Sebastian wonders aloud whether Alicia could be the killer as a form of revenge but Angela shows him a news article claiming that Alicia burned her mother alive and then killed herself.

Nando gets a message on his phone from the killer. It has Angela’s location but when he follows it, he runs into the killer who knocks him out. Sebastian comforts Angela in this difficult time and they have sex with each other.

The chapter describing Nando’s death is posted but Angela sees him in the hospital with just a stitch and he explains that he fainted. Koldo announces that the killer will be signing his book at a fair soon and asks people to come dressed up as clowns.

The club goes to the fair to find the killer but they all get separated. Sara is killed while Angela watches, and when she goes back to find Sebastian and Nando, Koldo comes up to them in a clown costume with his throat slit.

Eva shows up with the hammer and she claims she pulled it off the killer. Angela faints while Eva ditches the hammer and runs away with Sebastian following her.

Angela wakes up in an ambulance with Nando by her side. She gets out and says that she’s tired of people dying and wants to handle things herself.

Killer Book Club ending explained:

What does Angela find?

Angela gets the hammer that Eva had ditched and she goes to the boiler room where the club used to meet. She finds Eva lying on the floor outside covered in blood and stays for her final moments.

She then goes inside and finds Sebastian tied up to a chair with a bloody nose. She tries to untie him and Nando walks in, with Sebastian pointing to Nando as the one who tied him up.

Who is the real killer?

Sebastian tells Angela to take the hammer and kill Nando, while Nando insists that Sebastian is lying. Sebastian gets tired of Angela’s hesitancy and gets out of the chair to grab the hammer from her.

He stabs Nando and then corners Angela. He says that he was the killer all along and planned everything to craft the perfect story with her at the center of it.

He says that sleeping with her was a fortunate addition but now he’s going to kill her as the ideal end to his novel. She stabs him with a pen and then runs away.

Why does Sebastian make this plan?

Angela gets away from Sebastian but runs into another clown upstairs. It turns out to be Virigina, who says that she is actually Alicia.

When she became friends with Angela, she also had a romance with Sebastian. When Alicia found out that Angela had used her life story, the two of them decided to take revenge through an elaborate scheme.

Angela keeps them distracted as Nando sneaks up behind them and pushes Sebastian off the edge of a railing. He gets impaled by the same statue and Virginia goes after Angela after knocking Nando out again.

She follows Angela to an abandoned area nearby but Angela sets up a trap and burns Virginia alive.

A year later, Angela and Nando are attending classes together, with Angela getting attention from publishers about her work. She walks into the courtyard and imagines Virgina rushing toward her as she screams in horror.

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