Khakee: The Bihar Chapter ending explained: Does Amit successfully arrest Chandan?

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter tells the story of two individuals, a police officer named Amit Lodha and a criminal named Chandan Mahto, whose paths cross in the state of Bihar. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A team of police officers are closing in on arresting a known criminal named Chandan Mahto when they are ordered to fall back at the last moment as the criminal is closely connected to the party that has just been elected to power in the state.

Ranjan Kumar, the officer in charge is not happy with this decision and also serves as the narrator for this story. He starts 6 years earlier with the person who would eventually come face to face with Chandan.

Amit Lodha is a young IPS officer who is transferred to Bihar for his first assignment. When he gets there, he very quickly learns that the rules work differently in Bihar and that to succeed he must adapt quickly.

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His superior, Mukteshwar Chaubey has a laid-back attitude when it comes to dealing with issues and is quite comfortable in his position. Amit does the difficult groundwork and gradually gets the lay of the land.

On the other end, Chandan Mahto is a man of a lower caste who gets hired as a truck driver. He uses this job to get involved in certain side activities as well and at one point, his accomplices decide to kidnap the child of a high-ranking officer.

This turns out to be the first time Chandan and Amit cross paths as Chandan signs up for the job as a driver and Amit is tasked with rescuing the boy. Amit and his team of police successfully save the boy but Chandan manages to escape as the only survivor.

This recent brush with death gives Chandan more confidence and he becomes brasher in his actions. He aligns himself with Abhyuday Singh, the brother and enforcer of a local MLA. Meanwhile, Amit rises through the ranks and eventually becomes in charge of an entire district.

Abhyuday and his men get into a serious altercation with members of a rival party and people end up dead. Amit uses his resources the best he can and arrests Abhyuday and the others, including Chandan.

While they’re in jail, the lawyer suggests that one of them take all the blame for the murders and that it should be someone from a lower caste. Chandan tentatively agrees but isn’t sure he’ll be freed as they promised.

He meets Chyawanprash Sahu, another member of his caste who tells him about the widespread discrimination that the people like them face. Chandan slowly learns where he stands and kills Abhyuday in jail because he knows that the majority of the inmates will support him as they are also from a lower cast.

Chandan eventually breaks out of jail with Chyawanprash and becomes a kingmaker and supporter of his cousin, Vinayak and his political party. Around that time, Ranjan Kumar is transferred to Manikpur, a small village in Chandan’s region.

Chandan influences the entire region but Ranjan is an honest officer who does not want to bend to his will. This eventually leads to the scene shown at the beginning. Amit is also put on ice because the new government doesn’t want a confident, honest officer who they can’t control.

Ranjan’s defiance angers Chandan and murders 25 people in Manikpur. Ranjan is suspended and Amit is brought back into the fold because the optics of the massacre are not good for the government. Amit is tasked with arresting Chandan Mahto.

Amit immediately gets to work and figures out that there is a mole in his department. Despite his suspension, Amit enlists Ranjan’s help in catching Chandan. With the evolution of technology, Amit makes use of call monitoring facilities to trace Chandan’s movements.

With intense efforts, Amit arrests Chyawanprash but Chandan finds out that his calls are being tapped and uses that against Amit to carry out another massacre.

The pressure is on Amit and the clock is ticking as works endlessly with his team to find out Chandan’s whereabouts.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter ending explained in detail:

How does Amit find out where Chandan is?

Chandan ditches his old number when he learns that his calls are being tapped but Amit is determined to find him and finds out the alternate number that he’s using.

He gets a rough location from the telecom company and they map out a radius where he could most likely be. He then calls Chandan himself and disguises his voice. He tells Chandan that he knows who ratted out Chyawanprash and keeps Chandan intrigued.

He calls Chandan the next day and keeps him on the phone till they find out exactly where he is. A chase ensues and Amit eventually captures Chandan.

Does Amit take Chandan back to jail?

Amit has a long journey ahead as he escorts Chandan back to Patna and they face some difficulties along the way. Somehow the news of his arrest leaks to the media and they are forced to switch vehicles and remain vigilant.

Chandan badmouths Amit’s wife and Amit almost kills him but thanks to some calming words from Ranjan and his superior, DIG Paswan, Amit doesn’t go through with the encounter.

Before he takes Chandan in, the headman Ravinder who helped them on this case says that he wants to humiliate Chandan in public and remove his influence over their people. They parade Chandan on the streets as he’s humiliated by the onlookers and gets his face blackened.

Chandan ultimately arrives in Patna where he is sent to jail.

What happens in the case against Chandan?

The case begins against Chandan and Chyawanprash but all the villagers from Manikpur who had earlier testified against Chandan change their testimonies. Amit and the police are certain that they have been bought over and look for other ways to win.

While they were tracking the phone calls, the police found out that Chandan and Chyawanprash’s wife, Meeta are in love with each other. Ranjan reveals this information to Chyavanprash who still refuses to betray Chandan.

How does Amit finally beat Chandan?

Chandan sends someone to attack Amit’s wife and son but the officer who was with them for protection sacrifices himself to save them. With Amit’s family being targeted, public support falls back on his side and he confronts Chyawanprash.

He tells him that if they won’t follow the rules, the police may not either. Even though Chyawanprash doesn’t care that his wife loves Chandan, he cares about his son and Amit uses that fact to his advantage.

Chyawanprash testifies against Chandan and he gets sentenced to life in prison while Chandan is sentenced to death by hanging. Chywawanprash tells Amit that as long as the sentence isn’t carried out, Chandan will harbour hopes for revenge.

He gives Amit some information that will break Chandan’s spirit so that he accepts his fate. Amit meets Chandan and tells him that he knows about Chandan’s daughter who Chyawanprash and Meeta had been raising as their own.

He says that they both know about each other’s families and won’t stop at anything to hurt the other so peace is the safer option.

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