Kengan Ashura season 2 summary and ending explained

In season 2 of Kengan Ashura, the Kengan Annihilation Tournament continues with the rest of the round 2 fights as Kazuo Yamashita considers withdrawing their participation. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Round 2 of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament is continuing after a short break because of what happened between Kazuo Yamashita and the head of the Kure Corporation.

Ohma is eating at the bar when Akiyama shows up and informs him of his scheduled check-up with the doctor. Ohma insists that he’s fine but collapses to the ground moments later.

He is taken to the doctor who tells Kazuo that Ohma is suffering greatly from years of fighting and that if he wishes to live comfortably, he must give up fighting.

Kazuo sits next to an unconscious Ohma, considering his next step in this situation. The fights restart with Takeshi Wakatsuki taking on Julius Reinhold.

Wakatsuki was born with abnormally dense muscle fibers, making him incredibly strong right from childhood. The erstwhile head of Furumi Pharma sponsored his growth to ensure that he got the best care and was studied intensely.

Heihachi Furumi was just a student when he first came across a young Wakatsuki, but years later when he took over the company, he oversaw Wakatsuki’s training.

Reinhold is a German who was experimented on with every enhancement drug known to man and crafted to be the perfect human. The two of them face off with Wakatsuki emerging as the victor after some especially quick thinking.

The next match is between Ginzega Muteba and Jun Sekibayashi, who comes out in his Marvelous Seki persona. Seki is the more experienced fighter and momentarily limits Muteba’s ability to use his hearing but Muteba wins the match eventually.

Jun trained as a pro wrestler very diligently under his master, even skipping his master’s funeral to continue his training because that is what he would have wanted.

Muteba has a reputation for being a cold-blooded killer. Nicknamed “The Genocider”, whenever Muteba would enter into a situation more often than not he would come out not leaving a single soul alive.

Saw Paing is up next against Rei Mikazuchi, with Paing fighting for his village while Mikazuchi is fighting for love. Paying has some heavy-hitting moves in his arsenal but Mikazuchi proves to be the better fighter.

Setsuna Kiryu faces off against Gensai Kuroki, with Kuroki recognizing Kiryu’s style and countering it masterfully. However, Kiryu changes things up in between and Kuroki is forced to think on his feet.

Ultimately, experience is what counts as the steady old head of Kuroki beats Kiryu’s fanatic energy. Kiryu considers this as yet another test on his path to finally facing his god, Ohma.

Nogi asks Sen Hatsumi to take part in the tournament as one of his reserve fighters, with his opponent unknown. Yohei Bando comes back out even though everyone assumes that he died following his first-round fight.

Bando has some extraordinary abilities that aren’t clear to the untrained eye but Hatsumi has to work extremely hard to avoid his attacks. He gradually figures out a strategy to overcome the advantage and defeats Bando with some clever moves.

The final fight in round 2 is between Kaolan Wongsawat and Agito Kanoh, “The Fang of Metsudo”. Agito is excited to be opposite Kaolan and tries to take him on in a straight-up boxing contest, which is one of Kaolan’s specialties.

Metsudo and Raruma have a bet on who the winner of the contest will be. Agito soon realizes that he is no match for Kaolan’s striking ability and has to innovatively adapt his style.

Kaolan is resilient but Agito wins by the smallest of margins. He leaves the arena with new doubts in his mind after being pushed to his limits for the first time in a fight.

During the break, the presidents of the corporations are called into one where room where Hayami Katsumasa tells everyone that he is carrying out a coup d’etat because none of his fighters remain in the tournament.

Kengan Ashura season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Hayami’s coup?

While Hayami held all the other presidents hostage, his Guardians swept the dome for the other fighters to make sure they did not interfere. Hassad returns and reveals that he was paid by Hayami to help with the coup.

Kenzo is the first to pour water on Hayami’s plans by stating that they always knew about his coup. The rest of the Kure family shows up with Hassad also switching sides. Hassad says that he was saved by Nogi and asked to be a spy.

The bombs that Hayami’s men placed are disarmed and the Guardians are easily vanquished by the fighters and the Kure family.

What does Ohma learn from Niko?

A younger Ohma learned the Niko fighting style from his teacher, Niko Tokita. Niko takes him to the forest for the next part of his training, making him put on weights on his wrists and ankles.

He then tells Ohma that he has to land one hit on Niko for this part of training to end. Ohma is too slow as Niko refuses to hold back. For days, Ohma is beaten to a pulp and forced to live off the land of the forest and recover quickly.

He finally realizes what Niko is asking of him, and when he lands one hit, Niko tells him to remove his weights, with Niko shedding his own as well.

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