Kaya Saimori: My Happy Marriage character explained

Kaya Saimori is the little sister of Miyo Saimori in My Happy Marriage, serving as one of the diabolical supporting characters in the story.


Kaya Saimori is the youngest daughter of the Saimori family and enjoys the privileges that the prestigious household entails.

Biological daughter to Shinichi and his former lover turned second wife, Kanoko, she has come to inherit a significant amount of resentment against her older stepsister Miyo Saimori.

The apple of the eye

Kaya is a beautiful young woman and has always received praise regarding her pretty appearance, whereas Miyo has been subjected to grueling chores and tattered rags for clothes, which tend to obscure her true beauty.

Right off the bat, Kaya had the silver spoon feed her everything that the Saimori household had to offer. With Miyo’s biological mother dead when she was just a little child, her father Shinichi got the free pass to wed his first love, Kanoko.

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They conceive Kaya three years after their marriage. She instantly becomes the favorite and at the age of three, she displays the signs of having Spirit-Sight, while Miyo fails to exhibit any such signs of a gift, which only solidifies Kaya’s status as the golden child, although it has little bearing on Shinichi and Kanoko’s resentment against Miyo.

Hereditary hatred

The stepmother already resented the fact that she was deprived of marrying who she loved, and this resentment carried on to Miyo, the daughter of Shinichi’s first wife.

Over the years since coming to the family, Kanoko would bully and abuse Miyo, while teaching her biological daughter to do the same as well.

Kaya My Happy Marriage
A young Kaya (Image source: Netflix)

Kaya slowly learns this resentful behavior and treatment of her older half-sister and gradually develops envy and insecurity. The major role in inspiring all these negative sentiments and character traits inside her is played by her mother Kanoko.

A constant bully

As an adult, Kaya relishes Miyo’s misery and poor state, feeling giddy when she gets to marry the Tatsuishi family’s youngest son, Kouji, one of the very few people who were good to Miyo and cared for her.

Even when Miyo gets sent to the Kudo household as Kiyoka’s fianceé, she remains envious of her half-sister, trying to sabotage her relationship with Kiyoka when she learns that the beautiful man treats her well.

Kaya adopted this diabolical tendency to snatch and steal away from Miyo early on in her life, and stuck to it ever since, using this learned behavior to deprive Miyo of any nice thing when she feels insecure or envious.

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