Kaun Banegi Shikharwati summary and ending explained

ZEE5’s Kaun Banegi Shikharwati follows the king of Shikharwati, Raja Mrityunjay along with his right hand man, Mishraji, as they device an outlandish plan to bring the estranged daughters of the king back together to save the palace from an income tax investigation.


There is a 32 crores wealth tax backlog that has to be cleared within a month to save Shikharwati. For the past six years, the four daughters of the king have neither spoken to each other nor to him so he doubts that they will come now to save the palace.

Mishraji suggests that they should call them in the pretext that the king is ready to choose his successor and one of them will be announced as the heir to Shikharwati. Mishraji believes that this is the only way their relationships could be mended, so the king agrees to this plan. Mishraji then sets out to invite all the four princesses to Shikharwati.

The eldest daughter, Devyani is married to a wealthy businessman and has two sons who are twins. Gayatri, who is the second oldest stays in an ashram with her two adopted children and is next in line to become the dance guru. Kamini is a social media influencer and the youngest, Uma is a game developer who is ridden by allergies.

The four of them arrive in Shikharwati and the king announces that he will choose his successor based on a series of games. There are nine rounds, each representing an emotion from the navarasa. The king used to conduct such games even in their childhood after their mother, queen Mrinalini passes away. The very competitive and almost ridiculous games are one of the reasons his daughters resent him so much.

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However all of them decide to participate as they have their own reasons for wanting the position and property of 200 crores. Devyani has debts to repay, Gayatri has to deal with her own fears and feelings of inadequacies, only then will she be deemed fit to be a guru and she also has to care for her two adopted children, Kamini has lost her reputation after saying something very insensitive and Uma is afraid of stepping into the conference room and pitching her game idea. The king also pretends to be suffering from a secret disease and asks them to participate in the competitions as his dying wish.

An income tax officer disguised as the prince of Mewar, Roop Singh is also staying in the palace. He is there to investigate the supposed hidden fortune treasure.

A villager, Veer Singh warns the king that everyone is moving out of Shikharwati as there are no jobs available and the king also doesn’t seem to appreciate them enough. Later Kamini and Veer Singh develop a romantic relationship.

The first three rounds comprise making a Rajasthani platter, conducting a humorous play to entertain the villagers, facing their fear as they are spooked at night.

The fourth round consists of sub rounds like crossing hurdles while horse-riding, planting a sapling, balancing a water pot on their heads and walking till the finish line, filling a basket with mangoes from the tree before the bomb around them bursts.

The fifth round is a table tennis match followed by round six where they have to design and dress up a model. The seventh round is to do something each of them hate the most and if they manage to overcome their fear they would win the round.

The eighth round is a treasure hunt where they had to solve clues but before they get to finish the game the income tax department starts a raid to unearth undisclosed wealth/treasure in the palace.

Do they manage to save Shikharwati? Here is a detailed breakdown for you.

Kaun Banegi Shikharwati ending explained (Episode 10: All That Glitters is Not Gold)

Devyani and Gayatri’s secret

Devyani’s husband is in a huge debt due to bad investments. His investor known as Don, who is regarded as a very dangerous man is pressurizing him to clear his dues at the earliest.

This is the reason why Devyani decides to participate in the Royal Games. Devyani suspects that her father, the king is the Don but she disregards this theory later when the Don’s associate Wazir is sent to the palace to seize the money.

Gayatri’s adopted children are actually her own. She abandoned them for a year as she was lost and looking for love in all the wrong places. But once she returns, she starts looking after her children and finally feels fulfilled.

The hidden treasure

As income tax officers are searching the palace to uncover the hidden treasure, the four sisters reunite in ‘Gussa ghar’ (mood house), a room where they used to go in their childhood to let out their emotions.

In the middle of the room, there is a fountain which moves as four of them touch its tip together. They realize that the song their mother used to sing to them was actually a code to where the treasure was hidden.

Shikharwati is saved

As the income tax officers are accounting for all the undisclosed wealth that is in the form of the late queen’s jewelry, Veer Singh points out that they are fake. After further examination it is determined that all the jewelry is indeed fake. This unexpected turn of events saves them from having to pay extra tax for the undisclosed wealth.

They however still had to repay the 32 crores. The king decides that he will turn the palace into a hotel to generate income and also provide jobs to the villagers. Devyani’s husband strikes a deal with Don, making him an investor in the hotel, thereby saving himself and his family.

In the end it is hinted that Mishraji does know the real identity of their silent investor, Don.

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