Who is Kara Yusova? Treason character explained

In ‘Treason’, when Adam is made the chief of MI6, he finds out his whole career has been fabricated by Kara Yusova, his ex-lover, who has now come to collect the debt. Kara is played by Olga Kurylenko.

Adam was the deputy to the chief of MI6, Martin Angelis. When Martin was poisoned, Adam took his place. It was at this time that he found books in Martin’s hospital room that directed him to someone from his past, Kara. 

Kara used to be an SVR agent. She was thrown out of the agency because she helped Adam years ago by tipping him off about an embassy siege, the information that made him a hero.

She risked her life and career for Adam, whereas Adam did not even keep his promise to get her out of Baku, despite the fact that she was his lover.

Adam went to meet Kara, thinking she might have some clue regarding the attack on Martin. However, to his surprise, Kara turned out to be the woman who poisoned him. 

When he threatened to arrest her, she revealed that Adam’s whole career has been a lie; Kara has been secretly feeding him intel that helped him succeed and become the youngest-ever chief of MI6.

Why did Kara want Adam to be the chief of MI6?

Years ago, in Baku, five local men who were working for Kara were killed by an MI6 agent. Kara spent years looking for the agent who killed them to get justice for their families.

She needed Adam to be in a position where he would be able to give her the information she needed. She gave him all the intel that helped him rise through the ranks quickly.

As the chief, he gained access to all the MI6 files, and Kara asked him to repay her by giving her the file on Baku. When he refused, she offered him intel on an upcoming terrorist attack.

Adam accepted the deal and got her the files, but the files did not contain the name of the agent. Contrary to his belief, Kara’s chapter did not end there.

Who killed Kara’s men?

When Adam’s daughter was kidnapped, he suspected Kara to be behind it. He sent his men to arrest her. Kara escaped, but she lost all her hardware and money.

To prove her innocence, she located the place where Adam’s daughter was being held and took him there. However, she rescued his daughter and managed to run away with her before Adam could follow them.

She had made a deal with Anton Meliknov, who was funding Robert Kirby’s campaign to be the prime minister. She would get him dirt on Audrey Gratz, Kirby’s opponent, and he would give her everything she needed to achieve her goal.

Treason Kara
Kara makes a deal with Anton Meliknov

She asked Adam to get her compromising information regarding Gratz in exchange for his daughter. Adam accessed Martin’s unofficial files to get her the information, and she gave him his daughter back.

Kara realized that Martin’s files should also have the name of the agent who killed her men. She went to his house with Adam to steal the files. 

However, Martin told Adam that he suspected him to be the mole. An MI6 agent, codenamed Dorian, was secretly working for SVR in Baku, allowing Russians to take control of the city.

Kara found out that the agent responsible for killing her five men was none other than Dorian.

Did Kara get her revenge?

Kara saved Adam and his family from the assassin sent by Martin, as he planned to blame their deaths on her. 

Adam, Kara, and Maddy planned to steal Martin’s files once again to save Adam from being prosecuted for treason and to discover the true identity of Dorian.

While procuring the files, Adam got killed. Kara and Maddy formed a new plan to save Adam’s reputation and find Dorian. 

Kara reached out to her SVR contact, asking for a safe passage home in exchange for information regarding Maddy, who had files containing valuable information. With Maddy as bait, they lured Dorian out.

Adam’s best friend and coworker, Patrick, was Dorian; he was the double agent who was working for the Russians and killed Kara’s men to provoke an uprising. 

Treason Kara
Patrick finds the photograph in his pocket

Kara placed an old photograph, laced with lethal poison, in Patrick’s pocket. After working for years, Kara got her revenge and justice for the families of her men.

She bid a final goodbye to Maddy and went back to Russia, her home.

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