Kaoru and Henry’s relationship in Let’s Get Divorced explained

In Let’s Get Divorced, when Kaoru and Henry, Taishi and Yui’s divorce lawyers, meet, it is revealed that they share a past. Yuka Itaya plays Kaoru Inden and Arata Furuta plays Henry K Ishihara.

When Taishi and Yui decide to get divorced, Taishi hires Kaoru Inden to represent him, while Yui hires Henry K Ishihara. Taishi and Yui then find out that their lawyers do not get along because they dated when they were in college.

Kaoru and Henry’s past

In college, Kaoru lost confidence in herself. She was young, and for the first time in her life, she felt like the professors and the students talked down to her. Kaoru was not used to that, as she never lost to anyone when it came to academics.

After living in the US for some time, Henry also went to the University of Tokyo. He was the smartest person in the class and was admired by all. Kaoru believed that he was a true leader.

He had seen several confident women in the US, so a nervous and underconfident Kaoru seemed different and refreshing to him. He approached her and comforted her. The two of them then started dating. 

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However, their relationship did not last long, as Henry did not consider Kaoru smart. He did not respect her and never gave her the chance to talk; he answered his own questions, which led to an argument. As a result, their relationship ended.

Let's Get Divorced Kaoru and Henry
Henry breaks up with Kaoru

After Henry broke up with Kaoru, she started dating someone else because she was angry. Kaoru got pregnant with the man’s child and had no choice but to marry him while she was still in school.

She divorced her husband soon after giving birth to their child. Due to the added responsibilities of being a wife and a mother, Kaoru passed the bar exam seven years after Henry.

A second chance

During Taishi and Yui’s divorce meeting, Kaoru starts competing with Henry. She knows that her client is at fault and was earlier ready to accept Yui’s terms, but now that she knows that Henry is the one representing Yui, she is determined to put up a fight.

Henry still interrupts her and does not let her talk, and Kaoru is still offended by it. The two of them even start exchanging insults. Taishi and Yui’s divorce then turns into a competition between the two lawyers.

Let's Get Divorced Kaoru and Henry
Taishi and Yui’s divorce discussion

When Kaoru comes to know that Yui is also cheating on Taishi, she reaches out to Henry to suggest that they both work together because both of their clients are cheating on each other.

Henry cannot confirm anything about Yui’s affair, as she is his client, but he wants to help Kaoru, so he gives her a hint. This is his way of expressing the feelings that he still has for her.

Eventually, Henry ends up joining the show business, while Kaoru continues practicing law. They keep meeting, and their perceptions of each other change completely. Now, Henry believes that Kaoru is smart and charming, while Kaoru believes that Henry is just a regular man.

Henry casually admits that he wants to marry Kaoru, and she agrees to marry him. She thinks marriage is disappointing, but she is ready to be disappointed for the second time if it is with him.

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