Kam: Sex/Life season 2 character explained

In the second season of Sex/Life, Sasha cherishes her independence and does not believe in getting married until she runs into Kam, the man she loved 17 years ago. Kam is played by Cleo Anthony.

Sasha believes marriage is not for her. She does not want to be tied to a man because she wants to live as an independent woman. However, while giving an interview as a best-selling author, she runs into Kam, also known as Kamani Evans.

Kam was the love of Sasha’s life 17 years ago. Their paths cross again when he is raising awareness for his disaster relief efforts in the Congo; Kam now runs an international medical non-profit. He asks Sasha to go out for dinner with him, and she agrees.

Sasha and Kam’s past

Kam takes Sasha to the Met for dinner, which is arranged in the exact spot where they got engaged in the past. This brings back all the past memories for Sasha and makes her uncomfortable. 

Years ago, Kam told her right there that he applied to Stanford Med School and got accepted. The couple had plans to apply to the same universities so that they will get to be together, but Kam did not tell her about Stanford because he did not expect to get in.

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He asks Sasha to come with him to California, even though she did not apply to any graduate programs there. He tells her to take a semester off and apply next semester. Sasha had already taken a semester off to go to Rome with him. 

Kam then gets on his knee and proposes with whatever is at hand. Sasha agrees to marry him and follow him to California.

SexLife season 2 Kam (1)
Kam asks Sasha to marry him and come to California with him

However, when she is leaving, her grandmother reprimands her for putting aside her own dreams to follow a man. Sasha gets into Columbia’s graduate program and gets confused as well as scared.

At the last minute, she leaves Kam at the airport without telling him anything. She does not even pick up his calls because she thinks she might run to him if she speaks to him.

Kam believes that Sasha left him because she did not love him as much as he loved her, but she clarifies that she loved him too much. She was scared that she will lose herself if she followed him, and that is why she left. 

A second chance

Billie tells Sasha that 17 years ago, it was not the right time for Sasha and Kam, but it could be now. Going out with Kam is stepping out of the comfort zone for Sasha, as Kam actually means something to her, unlike the other men she dates. 

Sasha admits to her that Kam was the love of her life, but she tells Kam that she left and will not come back to him because she does not want to get distracted by him again.

Kam’s experience has taught him that people keep trying to climb higher and higher, but when they reach the top, they realize they do not have anyone to share it with. Kam admits that he did not run into her by chance; he chose that particular date for the interview because he wanted to see her.

He takes her out again, and when he walks her home, he tells her that since they both want to change the world, they should do it together with their forces combined. Sasha ends up kissing him and starts a relationship with him once again.

The breakup

Sasha confesses that she believed having a partner would limit her, but with Kam, she feels sustained by love. Kam wants to accompany her to one of her events and be there for her.

At the event, during an interview, Sasha thanks Kam for his support and attributes a part of her success to him. When she shares one of their sexual experiences on camera, he tries to stop her. 

This moment gets blown out of proportion on social media, as people claim that Sasha is no longer an independent woman; she is now being controlled by a man. This affects Sasha’s brand and popularity.

Due to the pressure from Mick, Sasha’s agent, she asks Kam to make their relationship a secret and stage a public breakup. However, Kam believes she is sacrificing her integrity, and he is not ready to do the same. 

He tells her that he loves her but asks her to choose. Sasha chooses to go along with Mick’s plan and breaks up with Kam.

Does Kam leave for Singapore? 

Kam runs into Sasha at a restaurant, and she insists that they go out for drinks. Sasha tells him that she misses him. She has reached the top now, but she feels that something has been missing; she does not have Kam anymore, and she is all alone.

Kam admits that the months they were not together were hard for him, but when she says that she wants to be with him, he goes home with her. They sleep together. Later, he tells her that he is leaving in a month.

After their breakup, he wanted to go away, so he thought of setting up an operation in Singapore. He came back to New York for her in the first place and decided to leave when things did not work out between them.

Just like 17 years ago, he asks her to accompany him. He even buys a ticket for her in case she decides to come with him. Now that she is a successful writer, she can work from Singapore as well. 

When Sasha asks him to do the same for her, he admits that he does not trust her to take that chance, as she has not given him a reason to trust her. He thinks that she cannot stand up to Mick, even for him. 

Sasha and Kam part ways once again. However, after talking to Billie, Sasha realizes that she does not want to lose the love of her life again. She convinces her grandmother and stands up to Mick before following Kam to the airport.

When she reaches there, she sees that Kam was also ready to sacrifice for her this time. He never boarded the plane.

What happens to Sasha and Kam?

Kam tells Sasha that he does not want Sasha to sacrifice her life and follow him across the world, as women are always expected to do for men. Her life is in New York, and he wants to be wherever she is. 

SexLife season 2 Kam (2)
Kam marries Sasha

The two decide to live in New York together, and Sasha plans to write her next book about love in order to be honest about herself, the way Kam wants her to be. Kam eventually ends up marrying Sasha, who did not think marriage was for her before Kam returned.

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