Kakegurui Twin ending explained: Does Mary Saotome join Full-Bloom?

Kakegurui Twin is set in Hyakkao Private Academy, where the students’ gambling skill determine their position on the social ladder. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In Hyakkao Private Academy, the hierarchy is dependent on the gambling skills of the students. Those at the bottom of the ranking list are treated as ‘house pets’ and are bullied and treated like slaves.

Tsuzura Hanatemari, a house pet, meets Mary Saotome, her grade school classmate who just transferred to Hyakkao.

Mary gambled right away after coming to the school against Kokoro Aiura, who was at the top of their class. While she lost initially and went into debt, Tsuzura gave her money and she was able to figure out how Aiura cheated and beat her.

Mary isn’t sure why she’s still making friends after this. Tsuzura tells her she needs to win more money to climb up the rankings.

She gets into a gambling match against Yukimi Togakushi, head of the literary club, who is playing for Sachiko Juraku, chair of the Student Council Public Morals Committee.

After an intense card game, Mary wins the room and converts it into a gambling den.

Sachiko just wanted to test her. Miraku, her house pet, becomes jealous at the thought of her interest in making Mary her pet as well.

Mary and Tsuzura decide to become winners together, as the latter declares in her mind that she is her ‘prince charming’.

Yukimi joins Mary’s den and they figure out a scheme to make it successful. Sakura Miharutaki, President of the Beautification Council, beats Kakegurui Midari, an infamous student going up the ranks.

Aoi Miboumi figures out Mary’s scheme and wins at the den but lets them keep the money if Mary will join him in destroying the Student Council.

He shows them a room where the top house pets gather together and bet in order to abolish the house pet system altogether.

Mary, Tsuzura and Yukimi, along with two other girls, play a game where five girls and guys are matched. If matched successfully, the guys win, if not, the girls win.

In the first round, Mary is shocked that all five are matches. She believes there is a traitor among them who slipped the details to the boys and even doubts Tsuzura.

She comes up with a plan to weed the betrayer out by putting her trust in Yukimi and Tsuzura’s actions. Chitose, one of the two girls, is revealed to be the traitor.

Impressed by her skills, Aoi is sure that he needs her in full-Bloom. Mary apologises to Tsuzura and Yukimi for doubting them and the three decide to win together.

Aoi surprises Mary and the others by announcing her as the new member in front of the entire Full-Bloom society but she replies that she needs to think it over.

Mary ponders whether to join Full-Bloom or Student Council as needs to pick the winning side. But she now has to give an entrance exam overseen by Sachiko.

Sakura Miharutaki, who is also incidentally Aoi’s fiancee, is chosen as her opponent. Mary is allowed to be helped by Tsuzura and Yukimi during the test as Sakura has nothing to lose, but Mary has to rescind the right to join forever if she loses.

The three use the map given to them and find that they are connected to primary school songs. They find a treasure chest using the coordinates they deciphered.

However, Sakura has found one as well. Since they both have boxes, the game now is to win the box from each other.

Kakegurui Twin ending explained in detail:

What is Dice Nim, the game Mary has to play during the entrance exam?

While the game Nim requires players to remove 1-3 stones according to what they decide, in Dice Nim, the number of stones removed is decided according to the number on the dice.

Whichever player takes the very last stone loses. For this game, they only use the Black Go stones.

What is Mary’s plan for the entrance exam?

Mary knows that the Black stones are 101 in number. She keeps weighted dice in her pockets until the last seven are left to ensure her victory by throwing the one that gives six every time.

However, she ends up taking all the six stones left. Sakura reveals that she realised her plan all along.

To counter this, she simply removed one Black GO stone at the start to make sure that Mary takes the last six stones. Her plan to send Tsuzura and Yukimi out during the game was just a distraction.

She commends Mary’s skills but claims that cheating is only appreciated when you don’t get caught. But Mary hasn’t given up just yet.

Why did Tsuzura and Yukimi really leave?

Mary had figured out that there was more to the maps than meets the eye since there are more floors in the building.

She sent her two partners to look for more treasure chests. Sachiko confirms that this is correct. They open the chest to find the prize, a collar. It is a reference to Sachiko’s obsession with making Mary her pet.

Sakura is actually gracious in defeat, unlike Mary, who realises how mature Sakura is compared to her.

What is Mary’s decision with Full-Bloom?

Both Aoi and Sakura urge Mary to join. But Aoi tells sakura that her opinion does not matter as her loss means she has been kicked out of Full-Bloom.

When Sakura asks if this means that their marriage has been called off as well, he responds that this is not the case since the merging of their families will make the very powerful.

Looking at his despicable personality, Mary decides that she will never join full-Bloom. The quest for Mary to decide the winnings side between Full-Bloom and Student Council ends sooner than they thought.

Tsuzura claims that while they might not have a grand plan yet, the three will find their own plan to win. But no matter what happens, she will be with Mary, who decided to help her without asking anything in return and really is her ‘prince charming’.

In the mid-credits scene, Aoi declares that he will not stop pursuing Mary to be a member of Full-Bloom. And if she rejects, he will have to crush her.

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