Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 5 ending explained: Do the Nublar Six escape the island?

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 5 is a new adventure animated series that follows the Nublar Six, who try their best to resist Kenji’s father’s malicious plans and his evil deeds to turn the dinosaurs into a spectacle for the world. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot Summary

Daniel Kon, Kenji’s father, is the CEO of Mantah Corp. He grants Kenji the chance to participate in his life, realising Kenji’s desire for a close bond with his father. The Nublar Six – Darius, Kenji, Brooklyn, Yaz, Ben and Sammy end up on the Mantah Corp island.

Mantah Corp is an accomplice in BioSyn’s desire to exploit dinosaurs. Kenji begins to understand his father’s questionable activities when Kon locks his friends up and brings Kenji to Isla Nublar.

Meanwhile, the campers break out of their prison and try to prevent Kon from ever being able to mind control dinosaurs. Kon perfects dinosaur mind-control and the campers sabotage his business meeting by short-circuiting the mind-control chips.

Yaz opens up to Ben and eventually acknowledges that she has been in love with Sammy all along.

Kon and his goons manage to capture many dinosaurs from Isla Nublar with Kenji’s assistance, implant mind-control chips and bring them back to Mantah Corp island.

Kenji begs Kon not to catch Bumpy. He tries to assist Ben in rescuing Bumpy by using mind-controlling technology to get Bumpy away from the villains. Bumpy is able to escape the mind-control chip’s grip the chip forces her to hurt Ben.

Kon asks Kenji to accompany him, which Kenji declines. He goes and doesn’t look back as the youngsters devise an intricate plot to force him off the island. Although, Darius is not sure if he can forgive Kenji for betraying them.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 5 ending explained in detail: (Episode 12)

Is Big Eatie alive?

Kon instructs his men to go collect the facility’s secret password from the kids. Early indications also point to the demise of ‘Big Eatie’, the Tyrannosaurus. The campers believe Big Eatie is dead after she gets hurt. The youngsters go through an important and sensitive time.

Kon modifies the island’s climate to entice the group of friends from visiting. The children go underground, constantly evading danger and frantically making their way to the boat to eventually escape this misery.

Brooklyn almost gets injured by a dinosaur, but Kenji saves the day. While evading one of Kon’s men and fighting off a Raptor, Yaz and Ben struggle as well.

Kenji opposes Kon’s command for one of the dinosaurs to attack Darius. He proposes to reveal the password to his father in exchange for Darius’s survival. He lets slip the password.

Despite this, Kon attacks Darius with a dinosaur because he doesn’t like loose ends. Fortunately for Darius, Big Eatie steps in and attacks the other dinosaur.

Which side does Kenji choose?

The power core of the structure is about to overflow, resulting in earthquakes and the release of toxic gas into the atmosphere.

However, the gang makes use of this to their advantage, staging a false core overload during the climactic showdown by sounding the alarm and deploying knockout gas to imitate the poison.

The island core suddenly begins to overflow. All regions of the island are increasingly becoming hazardous. However, Kenji reminds his father, Kon, that his buddies are still on the island while Kenji’s father flees in his jet.

Kenji despises his father’s lack of concern for others. He claims to be residing with his true family, which are his pals. His father boards the aircraft and takes off. Kenji’s father was made anxious by the facility’s critical overload, which prompted him to leave.

How is the group saved?

Since Jurassic World’s demise, the dinosaurs on Mantah Corp’s island have been stranded, but they are finally protected. When Roxie, Dave, and Darius’s elder brother Brandon show up with some assistance, the gang is ultimately saved.

They visit the island in a boat. When Darius sees Brandon, it is a touching reunion. Brandon affirms to Darius that his late father would be pleased and proud of him.

Finally, the friends’ group departs the island. Brooklyn informs Kenji that his father is under judicial custody but also, provides him support as they go off. They kiss, bringing this relationship to a beautiful conclusion.

What is the Nublar Six doing after leaving the island?

The ‘Nublar Six’ and their ability to survive the island is the talk of the media. When they return to the mainland, they find their relatives and are reunited with them.

They continue to stay in touch with one another since they frequently video call each other. Ben is back on the island for a vacation with Bumpy. Yaz and Sammy are together now and Kenji is living with Darius and his brother. At the Lockwood Estate, a dinosaur escaped, and Brooklyn has been looking into it.

An older Darius is responding to comments on social media. He hears a couple of thuds and then notices a dinosaur outside his window. He smiles as the series comes to a satisfying end.

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