Jun-hui’s case in Divorce Attorney Shin explained

In Divorce Attorney Shin, when Seo-jin discovers the identity of her online bully, she decides to help them get justice instead of suing them. Kim Soo-Hyung plays the role of Jun-hui, the online bully.

Seo-jin starts her own show online to make a comeback as a DJ. However, it is not easy for her to be in the public eye because of her leaked sex tape and her subsequent divorce. An account called “LifeSucksAnyway” does not let her forget her past.

This person not only leaves hate comments but also starts attacking Seo-jin’s son, Hyeon-u. Seo-jin’s friend and producer, Ho-young, is quick to delete these comments, but Seo-jin still finds out about them. 

Seo-jin decides to quit, but when Ho-young makes her understand that this is not going to stop even if she quits, Seo-jin makes up her mind to find this person and meet them.

Who is LifeSucksAnyway?

Instead of going to the police, which would mean more trouble for Seo-jin, Choi Jun messages LifeSucksAnyway and threatens to sue them to get a response from them. As expected, they reply, and Seo-jin, along with Choi Jun, goes to meet them.

Divorce Attorney Shin Jun-hui
Seo-jin meets her online bully

It turns out that LifeSucksAnyway is a fourteen-year-old girl named Jun-hui. She lives with her grandmother, Ms. Yang, and had to drop out of middle school because Ms. Yang does not have enough money to fund her education.

Jun-hui’s parents used to run a restaurant together and lived comfortably. However, they did not get along. Jun-hui’s mother eventually ran away with a younger man, and Jun-hui’s father died of cancer.

Her old grandmother was devastated when she lost her son, but she has to live and work to raise Jun-hui. 

The fact that despite everything that happened to Seo-jin, she still fought to protect her son makes Jun-hui angry, while Jun-hui’s mother and her second husband, who are rich, do not care about her at all and refuse to pay child support.

Seo-jin decides to help Jun-hui get justice. She tells her that Choi Jun will help her and take her case pro bono. 

Does Choi Jun secure child support for Jun-hui?

Choi Jun struggles to get child support for Jun-hui because it is hard as well as time-consuming to get a court order for child support. Usually, by the time the order comes, the child grows up and does not need it anymore. 

Ms. Yang tells Seo-jin and Choi Jun that she has asked Jun-hui’s mother for child support, but the woman claims that her husband is the owner of the restaurant and that she does not earn anything. 

Choi Jun informs Ms. Yang that a parent has to pay the minimum amount in child support even if they do not earn. Ms. Yang asks him to help her, but Jun-hui’s mother is not scared of going to court. 

In this situation, Sung-han advises Choi Jun to use public sentiment to get what he wants. Jun-hui’s mother stole Ms. Yang’s corn sujebi recipe and started a franchise with her husband. 

They cannot prove that the recipe was stolen, as it was never patented in the first place, but they can use this story to sway the restaurant’s customers. Choi Jun then gets an old family photograph from Ms. Yang and visits Jun-hui’s mother.

Choi Jun outwits Jun-hui’s mother and her husband in an argument to prove that the recipe belongs to Ms. Yang. He then tells them that he is going to file a lawsuit for the ownership of the recipe.

Divorce Attorney Shin Jun-hui
Choi Jun blackmails Jun-hui’s mother and her husband

He also blackmails them by telling them that he plans to send Jun-hui’s story to Seo-jin’s show to make it popular. He shows them the family photograph and tells them that he will be holding a one-man protest outside their restaurant.

Due to this, they will lose their customers and their business will suffer. Jun-hui’s mother gets scared and agrees to pay 1.8 million won a month in child support. She also agrees to pay up all the overdue payments.

Choi Jun takes Sung-han’s advice and threatens to take away what Jun-hui’s mother cares about the most in order to get her to pay child support. Seo-jin keeps her promise, and Jun-hui finally gets the help that she desperately needed.

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