Juliette and Dr. Pete’s strained relationship in Silo explained

In Silo, Juliette has long despised her father, Dr. Pete, for something he didn’t do. It is later that Juliette finds out that her father is innocent.

As a kid, Juliette lost her mother, Hanna, and brother, Jacob. Juliette and Pete had a hard time moving on from their deaths. Pete spent hours working as a doctor and wasn’t there for Juliette.

Juliette, at the age of 13, had to take on the responsibilities of an adult. She parted ways with her father to go to work in the Mechanical. The hard life down there made sure that Juliette doesn’t remember her mother and brother.

What happened between Pete, Juliette, and Hanna?

In the eighth episode of Silo, it is revealed why Juliette despises her father and why her father was always innocent. Hanna, Juliette’s mother, was experimenting on a sick rabbit who seemed to have a small hole in his heart, just like Jacob.

She used a magnifier, the first one of its kind in the Silo, to look into the rabbit’s heart. Hanna planned to help others who suffered from the same condition as Jacob.

Juliette and Dr. Pete's strained relationship in Silo explained 1
Hanna and a young Juliette watch their magnifier being destroyed

However, the Silo doesn’t allow magnification beyond a certain power. Judicial raided Juliette’s home in search of the device Hanna is using. Upon Pete’s request, Hanna gave Judicial what they wanted.

Hanna blamed Pete for this because she was aware of how much he cares about rules, and only he, besides Juliette, knew about the magnifier. Following that, Hanna killed herself, and Juliette grew up hating her father for breaking her mother down.

Do Juliette and Pete reconcile?

After learning that Judicial is watching every single person in Silo through cameras hidden inside mirrors, Juliette stays alert. She finds a way to get Sims arrested for a while, and in his office, she discovers a file on her mother.

Juliette visits her father and asks him for the truth about her mother’s death. Pete explains to her that grief struck him and her mother in different ways after Jacob’s death. He spent more time working when he should have been there for Hanna, who began crossing boundaries in search of answers.

Pete regrets not being there for Hanna and admits that he should have stopped Judicial from breaking into their house and destroying that magnifier. The loss of the magnifier broke Hanna’s spirit.

Hanna didn’t want to listen to Pete anymore because she blamed him. Even Pete gave up on her, and that’s how he lost her.

Pete allowed Juliette to go to the Mechanical because she would get busy fixing things and wouldn’t look for answers like her mother did. This way, he was sure that Juliette would be safe. Pete agrees that Hanna blamed him, but he swears that he never told Judicial.

Juliette then lets him know that she now believes in him because she has discovered that the Judicial is watching them through cameras, and that’s how they came to know about the magnifier, not because of him. The father-daughter duo then hugs and reconciles after years.

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