José Padín: Gangs of Galicia character explained

José Padín is a drug trafficker who continues his illegal activities despite being in prison. In Gangs of Galicia, Miguel de Lira plays José.

José Padín is the leader of the Padín gang and has been in prison for years. He is set to be released soon. 

José is considered dangerous because he never forgets a wrong done to him. He always settles the score, even if it takes years. 

As the day of his release draws near, José starts getting revenge on various people to remind them of his power.

Partner turned enemy

José was able to make a lot of money from his drug trafficking business, which eventually made him a target of the police. 

The police turned José’s partner, Silva, against him by informing Silva that José was having an affair with Silva’s wife, Berta. 

Silva caught them meeting behind his back and came to believe the police’s claim that his daughter, Laura, was actually José’s daughter. 

At a time when José’s wife was sick and his son was young, Silva testified against him, leading to a prison sentence for José. 

José then needed someone he could trust to follow his orders and take his place as the leader of the gang, so he chose his son, Daniel. 

Years later, Daniel is still the leader of the gang in name only; it is José who calls the shots from prison, where he has a guard working for him.

Ana gets the better of José

As José is on probation now, he works at a garage during the day. The members of his gang visit him there, allowing him to continue his illegal activities. 

All the business associates still trust José more than Daniel, which is why Daniel cannot go against his father, even when he disagrees with him. 

Although it is Daniel who finds Silva, José gets him killed for testifying against him before Daniel gets the chance to visit him. 

José also tries to take away Silva’s family’s livelihood by bidding on the bar they run, but Ana’s intervention helps Silva’s family. 

Initially, José does not trust Ana. However, Ana proves herself to him by playing an important part in a major operation. 

José then allows Daniel to work with Ana, unaware that Ana has been trying to gather evidence against him because she suspects him of killing her father. 

On the day of the operation, José’s trusted lawyer, Nazario, whom Ana replaced as Daniel’s lawyer, informs José that Ana is Silva’s daughter. 

Gangs of Galicia José Padín
José finds out that Ana is Silva’s daughter

By the time José relays the information to Daniel, Ana has already escaped. Additionally, Daniel is betrayed by Marco and is arrested moments later. 

With Daniel in prison, José is now searching for Ana, believing that she was the one who betrayed Daniel. However, Ana has an ace up her sleeve. 

She had earlier convinced Daniel to steal Nazario’s safe containing all of José’s documents that could be used against him. Ana made sure to take the safe with her before escaping.

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